God Created Diversity for God

The world loves to talk about diversity. Many corporate offices will prescribe training on multiculturalism. Some colleges require diversity intensive courses in order to graduate, and many schools and organizations employ “chief diversity officers.” The world champions multiculturalism and diversity — but too often, for reasons that have nothing to do with Jesus.

Christians should be unwilling to surrender discussion of such an important issue as “culture” to people who don’t know what it’s for. Our understanding, use, and development of multiculturalism should be shaped not by sociologists or culture “experts” but by the Bible.

Culture and diversity are not mainly about us, but about God. In the diverse array of the products of culture, God gets more glory than if we were all one, single, monolithic society. In enjoying and celebrating multiculturalism, our greatest and highest joy should not be different types of food or clothing, or even different types of people who are unlike us. These are gifts from God for us to enjoy, but in every culture and every diverse ethnicity, the people of God take their highest joy in seeing God’s glory reflected and imaged in new and beautiful ways.

The greatest good of multiculturalism is seeing more of God.

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