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How Do We Fail in Bible Reading?

What does it mean to fail at Bible reading? The scribes and Pharisees knew the Bible better than anyone, but repeatedly, Jesus rebuked them, “Have you never read” the Scriptures? (Matthew 12:3, 5; 19:4, 21:16; 22:31).

How could the teachers of the law, the premier Bible experts of Jesus’s day, fail so horribly at the very thing they were professionals at — Bible reading? It is a question we must ask if we are to fulfill God’s purposes for our personal Bible reading. Clearly, there is more to our Bible reading than memorization and bare understanding of the text. So what more do we need?

In the four-minute video above, John Piper explains how the Pharisees — and we ourselves — can fail at Bible reading and, more importantly, how we can succeed.