Behind the Blog: Shattering Major-League Idols

Here are the timestamps (counting backwards) for the topics covered:

-32:45 What daily difference does faith in Jesus make in your profession?

-31:30 A common narrative: God saving Christian athletes from their sport

-30:35 Donnie’s story of God shattering his idol

-29:25 Darin’s story

-27:18 How Darin deals with the fear of getting hit again

-25:45 Christian camaraderie in baseball and life

-24:35 Corporate Bible study with fellow Christians on the team

-23:22 Gospel-advance behind the scenes in pro baseball

-21:50 Personal spiritual disciplines with major-league distractions

-19:50 The blessing Darin is receiving from John Piper’s ministry

-18:57 Getting to the Majors without making baseball god

-17:45 Advice for not letting athletics consume you

-15:00 Advice to young players about spiritual priorities and keeping God central

-12:45 How Darin deals with the pressure and difficulty of his utility role

-10:40 How faith makes a practical difference on the field

-9:25 Go-to verses and thoughts about God for pressured moments

-6:45 Navigating by the unseen in a game consumed with numbers

-4:25 Donnie’s journey in 2012

-2:00 Embracing God’s will in homeruns and strikeouts

-1:20 Closing prayer

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