How Do You Pursue Joy in Jesus?

Lots of happiness in the world is not real happiness. Many people in the world are pursuing a momentary, circumstantial happiness. You were made to pursue happiness, but not one grounded in your health, your wealth, or your relationships. The greatest happiness in all the world is the joy in God purchased for us by Jesus Christ.

In three minutes, Pastor Leonce Crump gives us three ways to find and cultivate this kind of joy — the deeper, fuller, more durable joy we experience in and with Jesus.

  1. Distinguish between temporary and circumstantial comfort or satisfaction and real, lasting joy.

  2. Put yourself in the path of God’s grace. Do the kinds of things that incline your heart more and more toward Jesus, that remind you of who you are in him.

  3. Engage yourself in Jesus’s mission in the world. Sharing the good news we’ve tasted will increase our enjoyment of the Savior.