How to Pray for Africa

In this four-minute video, African pastor Conrad Mbewe encourages us to make a place in our prayers for Africa. It is a diverse continent, which he divides into three major parts, with corresponding requests for prayer:

  • The Islamic North, where the church is persecuted: Pray for resilience and courage in the face of opposition and pressure.

  • Urban Africa, where there is increasing development, young professionals, and Western influence: Pray that God would keep the young, growing church’s focus on Jesus and his mission, rather than Western materialistic exports.

  • Rural Africa, where there is poverty and lack of basic amenities (like running water, electricity, and ease of communication): Pray that the church will not end up in syncretism, but embrace the gospel in all its purity, not as a covering for false religion.

is the pastor of Kabwata Baptist Church in Lusaka, Zambia.