The Secret of Contentment

Philippians 2:14–18

God doesn’t want his secret to contentment to stay secret. He wrote it plainly in a book.

Some questions to ask as you read and study Philippians 2:14–18:

  1. Think of the last movie you watched or book you read. Would you describe the main character as content? What about them made you describe them that way?
  2. What exactly is the “word of life”? What relationship does it have for us living the grumble-free life?
  3. Watch the lab. Which of the four reasons the word of life helps us stood out to you? How can you preach this truth to yourself this week?

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Principle for Bible Reading


A participle is an “ing” verb that often tells us how something happens. It usually modifies the verb to add more detail: He went to the store, running all the way there.

In Philippians 2:16, Paul is telling us how we should live without grumbling.