Unto Us a Savior Was Born

Luke 2:8–14

In this lab, John Piper reminds us that, unto us — a people of darkness who hated God enough to kill him if we had the chance — a Savior was born.

Principle for Bible Reading


A “ground” is an argument or reason for another statement. One way to remember this is that the ground is the ground upon which another statement is built. The supporting (or grounding) statement comes after the statement it supports. When you come to a grounding statement in the Bible, ask what came before it that it supports.

In this lab, Pastor John identifies two grounds, one in verse 10 and one in verse 11 (“for . . . for . . .”). What ideas do these two grounds support?

Study Questions

  1. Why do you think Christ was born in such lowly circumstances?
  2. The baby in a manger is going to bring peace for those with whom God is pleased (Luke 2:14). What do you think the peace is? How do we know whether God is pleased with us?
  3. Who is one friend or family member you can share the good news of great joy with this week?