Why PhDs in Theology Commit Adultery

Look around in your life, in your church. How many Christians do you see bent with all their powers to know God more and more — more truly, more clearly, more sweetly? Or, rather, do you see thousands fighting graduate school sins with a grammar school knowledge of God?

Some of you might say, “Wait, there are as many PhDs in theology who commit adultery as less-educated people.” To which I would say, “Probably more.” Why is it that people with PhDs in theology commit adultery? They don’t know God.

Piper: “Too many Christians are fighting graduate school sins with a grammar school knowledge of God.”

You can read theology ten hours a day for forty years and not know God as beautiful and all-satisfying — as the highest treasure of your life. Who cares about knowing God the way the devil knows God? He hates everybody. His knowledge of God helps him hate people.

We’re talking about knowing God here in 1 Thessalonians. They don’t know God. They don’t know God for who he is — infinitely valuable, infinitely beautiful, infinitely satisfying — why your soul was made. There are more pleasures at his right hand, more eternal joys in his presence, than you could have in ten thousand sexual trysts.

If you know that, sin will have lost its dominion in your life.

This two-minute clip comes from a new message from John Piper, “Make War: The Pastor and His People in the Battle Against Sin.” The full message and all the audio and video from the 2015 Desiring God Conference for Pastors is available free of charge.