A True Story to Encourage You to Really Give

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Founder & Teacher, desiringGod.org

Not everyone was excited about taking the pews out of our chapel. But we were convinced that the great heart of Bill Widen would have rejoiced to see them used in regular worship in a new BGC church. So we gave (not sold, gave!) them to the new Berean Baptist church in Glencoe, Minnesota, which began worship services on October 27 in Glen Haven Rest Home. Listen to what this gift has done. A letter from the pastor:

I, along with the entire Berean Baptist Family, would like to express our deepest thanks to you and your congregation for donating the church pews for our new work here in Glencoe. We are overflowing with thankfulness.

I only wish you could have seen the faces of our people when they walked into our sanctuary and saw the pews sitting solidly in place. Secondly, the people of our community are amazed by how Christians all over Minnesota have responded to our various needs. It has been a beautiful testimony to the people of Glencoe.

I would also like to thank your Neil Grover and Juan Bolanos for their hard work . . . not once did I hear Neil or Juan complain as they helped load pews into the truck . . . I am so thankful for the service and Christian witness these men had!

...With God's help we look forward to the day when the pews will be housed in a permanent facility filled with people praising our wonderful and majestic God. Thanks again for generosity in helping a new mission church get equipped for the ministry here in Glencoe

Joyfully Serving Him,
Pastor Jim Schaude

Now here's the immediate lesson.

Giving is what life is all about! If we are to meet our budget commitments this year, it will require amazing giving on your part! Painful giving, perhaps. We missed a whole Sunday last week. But God reigns! He has spread sufficient resources among his people to meet the need. Will we have the freedom and discipline to give? Pray that we will. The generosity of God's people does not go unnoticed.

Going for a hundred four,

Pastor John