Episode 2048

Killing Lust with the Cross of Christ

Sexual Purity
“Cross,” “nails,” “spear,” and “thorns” are words that evoke images in our minds — images with tremendous power to dispel lustful thoughts.
Episode 2047

Ten Questions for Readers of Erotica

Pornography, Sexual Purity
How should Christians think about sexually explicit material on the page rather than the screen? Pastor John offers ten questions for readers of erotica.
Episode 2046

Warning Our Children of Rebellion

Parents have the God-given duty to warn their children not to rebel against Christ, and some of the most powerful warnings come from stories of failed rebellions.
Episode 2045

Mom’s Role in Raising Boys

Parenting, Wives & Mothers
How can a mom raise boys to become strong and godly men? Pastor John offers counsel for training up the next generation.
Episode 2044

The Prayer You Don’t Want Answered

Sometimes, God responds to our sinful requests with a merciful no. But other times, he gives what we ask, brings misery with it, and then amazingly works good through it.
Episode 2043

How Can I Grow in Expressing Affection?

How can Christians grow in expressing their deepest affections for God and others? Pastor John offers eight pieces of counsel for those who struggle to speak.
Episode 2042

Why Does God Allow Satan to Block the Gospel?

God could destroy Satan at any moment. So, why has God allowed Satan to blind the minds of unbelievers from seeing the glory of Christ?
Episode 2041

Are Parents to Blame for Prodigals?

Does Proverbs 22:6 promise that children raised by godly parents will become Christians? Pastor John explains the proverb and points parents to their ultimate hope.
Episode 2040

How to Write a Good Sentence

Speech, Poetry
What makes a good sentence? Good sentences are true, clear, authentic, thoughtful, creative, well-timed, clean, loving, and glorifying to God.
Episode 2039

A Daily Morning Exercise

How can we walk through this world of sin, suffering, and futility with strength and joy? Psalm 90:14 holds the key.