Episode 1731

I Have Multiple Disabilities — How Do I Not Waste My Life?

Disease & Sickness
What might it look like for a Christian with significant disabilities to live a productive, spiritually fruitful, God-glorifying life?
Episode 1730

Should I Become a Preacher?

Preaching & Teaching
Should I become a preacher? Pastor John’s own road to the pastorate shows that God often makes preachers in unexpected ways.
Episode 1729

Should I Leave an Inheritance for My Children?

Parenting, Money
If Scripture doesn’t obligate parents to leave a financial inheritance to their children, how might Christians decide what to do with their money?
Episode 1728

Why Does God Hide Himself from Christians?

God will never leave or forsake his children. But for our lasting good, he may sometimes hide his face and allow us to walk through seasons of darkness.
Episode 1727

Let God’s Word Dwell in You Richly This Year

Bible Memory
When we memorize and meditate on God’s word, we create a deep, transforming connection between the Bible, our minds, and our hearts.
Episode 1726

What Is an Idol?

Indwelling Sin
The Bible describes idols as actual objects people worship, but today many use the language of “idolatry” more broadly. So what is an idol?
Episode 1725

Is Sanctification the Pursuit of Perfection?

Pursuit of Holiness
In our pursuit to be holy as God is holy, how do we move past our failures to obey without feeling condemned in the process?
Episode 1724

What Desiring God Wants to Be Known For

Christian Hedonism
The ministry of Desiring God is fueled by the prayers and financial gifts of God’s people. If you have been blessed by our resources in 2021, would you consider becoming a monthly partner? https://give.desiringgod.org/#monthly
Episode 1723

End-of-Life Medical Intervention — or Not?

Death & Dying, Disease & Sickness
God may use medicine to lengthen our lives, but he will always use habits of grace, like prayer and Bible reading, to sustain our faith in suffering.
Episode 1722

Why Is Christmas Precious to You?

The Birth of Christ
We miss the miracle of what Christmas is if we forget why Christmas happened: God the Son became man — to die in our place.