Episode 2023

Your Suffering Is Not Meaningless

How did Paul endure such unimaginable sufferings without turning from Christ? Pastor John traces three threads of the apostle’s perseverance.
Episode 2022

Why Did God Stigmatize the Disabled?

Redemptive History
In Leviticus 21, God forbids men with physical defects from participating as full priests. How do we reconcile this prohibition with Jesus’s approach to the disabled?
Episode 2021

Enjoying God in His Gifts

How do we enjoy pizza, friendship, or any other good gift without committing idolatry? Not only by enjoying God more than his gifts, but also by enjoying him in them.
Episode 2020

What’s the Essence of Love?

The Love of God
How do Paul’s travel plans relate to the Trinitarian depths of God’s love? Pastor John shows how ultimate reality undergirds the love between the saints.
Episode 2019

Political Flag-Waving Isn’t Enough

Christians have not only the right but the calling to speak truth to power. But such speech differs greatly from mere political flag-waving.
Episode 2018

Does Hidden Sin Bring Physical Suffering?

The wrath of God is gone for those who are in Christ. But does God still sometimes bring physical suffering in response to unconfessed sin?
Episode 2017

How Should I Choose a College Major?

What factors should Christian students consider when choosing a college or major? Pastor John gives five guidelines for those who don’t want to waste their lives.
Episode 2016

Do I Have a Hard Heart?

How can we know if our heart is hard toward God? Pastor John diagnoses hardness of heart, and gives a remedy for remaining soft to God’s Spirit.
Episode 2015

Was Jesus Confused by the Cross?

The Death of Christ
“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Do these haunting words from Jesus suggest he was confused by the horrors of the cross?
Episode 2014

What Would World War III Mean for Missions?

World Missions
We live in a time of mounting global tensions, of wars and rumors of wars. What hope do we have for the future of missions should conflict continue to build?