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Episode 102

Can a Born-Again Christian Lose Salvation?

Topic: Perseverance of the Saints
A born-again person cannot be unborn again. If God has called you by name, he is faithful to keep you until the end.
Episode 1370

How Do I Live Like a Son Rather Than a Slave?

Topic: Identity in Christ
God has called us sons and daughters, but his people sometimes talk as if we were still slaves. What does it mean to talk like children of God?
Episode 1369

How Does ‘Christ Live in Me’ (Galatians 2:20)?

Topic: Identity in Christ, The Holy Spirit
When we are saved, we’re united to Christ by the Spirit. Our old self — our unbelieving, rebellious, sin-loving self — dies, and we live by the Spirit.
Episode 1368

Does Jesus Teach Us to Sell All Our Possessions?

Topic: Giving
Jesus said, “Sell your possessions, and give to the needy.” Are we disobeying Jesus if we don’t literally give away all that we have?
Episode 1367

How Can I Forgive My Parents for Childhood Abuse?

Topic: Forgiveness, Family
How can we forgive others who have hurt us deeply? Pastor John gives three practical suggestions for pursuing forgiveness.
Episode 1366

I’m Terrified of Giving Birth — Should I Still Pursue Marriage?

Topic: Marriage & Family
The fall has made childbirth painful and dangerous. But in Christ, the deepest dangers of the curse have been removed.
Episode 1365

How Do I Survive This Midlife Crisis?

Topic: Retirement, The Unwasted Life, Life Issues
God keeps his children through midlife crises by empowering them to keep fighting to be kept.
Episode 1364

Is God Just as Sovereign over Damnation as Salvation?

Topic: Predestination, The Sovereignty of God
What role does God play in the redemption and damnation of sinners? Is he just as sovereign over both?
Episode 1363

What Is a Father’s Role in Caring for an Infant?

Topic: Parenting
A godly father will want to show God the Father to his children. He will want to model for them the heart of Jesus.
Episode 1362

Would God Be Less Glorious If He Never Created?

Topic: Creation, The Glory of God
If God created the world to display the fullness of his attributes, would he have been less glorious without creation?