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Episode 1276

What Comes First: My Obedience to Jesus or My Joy in Jesus?

Topic: Sanctification & Growth, Killing Sin
Does our obedience or our joy come first? Pastor John explains that joy-driven obedience is the only obedience worth pursuing.
Episode 1275

How Do I Pray for Healing and Honor God’s ‘No’?

Topic: Prayer, The Sovereignty of God
Our greatest hope in prayer is not getting what we asked for, but rather in the goodness of our Father, who always gives what is best for his children.
Episode 1274

Does My Sexual Past Make Me Unsavable?

Topic: Sexual Purity, Salvation
Our past sexual sin is not beyond the reach of God’s forgiveness — unless we don’t give it up. It’s not too late to turn and receive God’s mercy.
Episode 1273

Does Jesus Commend Dishonesty in Luke 16?

Topic: Tough Texts, Money, Salvation
What was Jesus commending in the parable of the dishonest manager, and what are the implications for Christians today?
Episode 1272

How Can God Be Sovereign and Good and Allow Suffering?

Topic: Suffering, The Sovereignty of God
God designs all our weaknesses — even those that leave us unable to do anything. And one of his purposes in our weaknesses is to sanctify the strong.
Episode 1271

Do Gender Roles Apply Beyond Marriage?

Topic: Identity in Christ, Manhood & Womanhood
God designed us as male and female for his glory. And he intends for us to reflect him in every relationship, not just marriage.
Episode 1270

What Is Union with Christ?

Topic: General Theology, The Gospel, Identity in Christ
What does it mean to be united to Christ? John Piper shows how we can begin to mine the riches of this doctrine from Scripture.
Episode 1269

Is It Sinful to Gamble on Fantasy Sports?

Topic: Money
Gambling your money — whether at a slot machine or with your fantasy team — is not just unwise. It is sin. Pastor John gives seven reasons why.
Episode 1268

How to Read the Bible for Teenagers

Topic: Bible Reading, Parenting
When the teenage years come, we get to teach our kids how to move from reading the Bible to studying it. Here are seven places to start.
Episode 1267

How Do I Question Someone’s Salvation at the End of His Life?

Topic: Death & Dying, Evangelism, Pastoral Ministry
How do we approach the deathbeds of professing Christians whose faith we are not sure is real? Pastor John offers four ways to love them.