Episode 1943

Why God Wills Suffering for the Children He Loves

If we’re going to rejoice in even the worst circumstances, then we need clear and strong reasons for why God wills suffering for the children he loves.
Special Episode

Upcoming Changes to APJ

Events & Announcements
Tony Reinke shares two upcoming changes to ‘Ask Pastor John’ in light of a brand-new John Piper sermon podcast called ‘Light + Truth.’
Episode 1942

Go to Work, Go to Church — Christ Is Coming Back!

End Times
Throughout the New Testament, Jesus and the apostles draw some profound connections between the glorious second coming and our ordinary everyday lives.
Special Episode

Death Can Only Make Me Better: Remembering Tim Keller (1950–2023)

Death & Dying
On May 19, 2023, Tim Keller entered the reward of his Master. In this special episode of Ask Pastor John, Tony Reinke shares a sermon clip from Dr. Keller on the joy of God in the face of cancer.
Episode 1941

Popular Blunders About Christ’s Return

End Times
Discussions of the second coming often spiral into speculation — or misconception. Pastor John explains five mistaken beliefs about Christ’s return.
Episode 1940

Five Ways to Find Wisdom

In the midst of a busy life, how can we find the time to read great Christian books? We might begin by setting aside just fifteen minutes a day.
Episode 1939

Nicotine, Amphetamines, and Holy Concentration

Diet & Exercise
God does not give us a list of foods and drinks we can and cannot consume. Instead, he gives us his words and his Spirit to shape how we see all of life.
Episode 1938

A Beautiful Savior for the Unattractive

If we are going to find lasting satisfaction in the beauty of Christ, despite the pain of rejection, four massive changes need to happen in our hearts.
Episode 1937

The Hardest Act in Parenting Teens

Husbands & Fathers, Parenting
Headship calls a man to put away his anger and initiate reconciliation — no matter how much of the fault lies with his wife or with his children.
Episode 1936

The Path from Orthodoxy to Demon Theology

Truth, Spiritual Warfare
The movement from orthodoxy to demon theology happens sometimes slowly and sometimes suddenly — but always because love for Christ has grown cold.