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Episode 1225

How to Navigate Conversations About Sexual Identity

Topic: Homosexuality
A harvest awaits Christians in the gay community. Sam Allberry shares how he engages LGBT students with the message of Jesus.
Episode 1224

Am I Less Human If I’m Sexually Unfulfilled?

Topic: Homosexuality, Sexual Purity
You don’t need sex to be happy. Jesus never married, never had a romantic relationship, never had sex, and he was the most complete man to ever live.
Episode 1223

The Christian Debate over Sexual Identity

Topic: Homosexuality
Sam Allberry, who has been attracted to the same sex his whole life, gives an insider’s take on the current debates over sexual identity.
Episode 1222

Does God Want Me to Be Happy or Holy?

Topic: Sanctification & Growth, Christian Hedonism
Does God want us to be happy or holy? John Piper explains how holiness and happiness are not at odds, but work together.
Episode 1221

Did Paul and Moses Prioritize Mission over Joy in God?

Topic: Salvation, Christian Hedonism
If Moses and Paul wished to be personally damned so others could be saved, didn’t they prioritize mission for others over joy in God?
Episode 1220

Does John Piper Add (Joy) to the Gospel?

Topic: Christian Hedonism, Sanctification & Growth
We don’t receive Jesus in a saving way when we receive him as a ticket out of hell. He’s not a ticket. He’s a treasure — the greatest treasure.
Episode 1219

Universalism Distorts the Grace of God

Topic: The Grace of God, Heaven & Hell
When everyone gets grace, no one actually gets grace. Michael McClymond explains how universalism expels the biblical view of grace.
Episode 1218

Universalism Is ‘Alive and Well’ — How Do We Oppose It?

Topic: Salvation, Predestination
What is Christian universalism, and how should we respond? Michael McClymond, author of a new book on the topic, details the basics.
Episode 1217

Did C.S. Lewis Warn Against Christian Hedonism?

Topic: Christian Hedonism, Sanctification & Growth
Do Christian Hedonists call people to experience a level of joy now that will be available only in heaven?
Episode 1216

What Does It Feel Like to See the Beauty of Christ?

Topic: Bible Reading, The Glory of God
We often miss Christ’s beauty in his word because our hearts are out of sync. Pastor John explains how he prepares his heart to meet God.