Episode 1895

How to Keep Your Eyes on Christ

The Supremacy of Christ
How can we guard against drifting in the Christian life? By looking and looking and looking at Jesus.
Episode 1894

How Can I Have a Good Conscience?

You do not need to walk in sinless perfection in order to have a good conscience. You just need to walk in the light.
Episode 1893

Did Paul Oppose Fiction?

The apostle Paul strongly warned Timothy and Titus against the “myths” of his day. What might he have to say about the fictional stories in our own day?
Episode 1892

Turn Down the Noise and Listen to Jesus

The Supremacy of Christ
If we’re going to listen to Jesus and not drift away from him, we likely will need to turn down the noises that capture so much of our attention.
Episode 1891

Where Do You Draw Lines for Ministry Partnerships?

Christian Unity
Where should pastors and other Christians draw lines for ministry partnerships? Pastor John shares the degree of unity he has pursued in six ministry settings.
Episode 1890

Were Abortions Induced on Old Testament Adulteresses?

Does Numbers 5:22 suggest that women guilty of adultery were punished with miscarriage? And if so, how does this passage speak to the pro-life position?
Episode 1889

Fight for Delight by Planning Your Devotions

Bible Reading
If we don’t have a plan for when, where, and how we will read the Bible, our devotions will probably fall before the demands of the day.
Episode 1888

Eight Counsels for Those Thinking of Quitting

Knowing God’s Will
Every pastor receives criticism. But at what point might criticism become so serious or sustained that a pastor should consider stepping down?
Episode 1887

When Does Despondency Become Sin?

Everyone passes through seasons of despondency — seasons when the soul is troubled and hope feels thin. But when does despondency become sin?
Episode 1886

How Do I Push Truth from My Head to My Heart?

Bible Reading
How can we push the truth of the Bible from our heads to our hearts, so that our times of daily Bible reading become times of daily worship?