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Special Episode

On the Day Billy Graham Died

Topic: History & Biography
In this special episode, Pastor John reflects on the life and legacy of Billy Graham.
Episode 1162

Can a Devout Roman Catholic Be Genuinely Born Again?

Topic: World Religions, Justification
Roman Catholic teaching has led many astray, even into destruction. But are there some genuine Christians in the Roman Catholic Church?
Episode 1161

How Does ‘Willful Sinning’ Threaten My Salvation?

Topic: Perseverance of the Saints, Killing Sin
All sin involves a conscious choice. But continuing to sin deliberately — with eagerness and persistence — will destroy the soul.
Episode 1160

Isn’t Veganism Closer to God’s Original Design?

Topic: Diet & Exercise
Bacon, ground beef, sausage — God allows us to eat meat. But he didn’t always allow it. Is it wise to return to a pre-fall diet?
Episode 1159

In What Sense Did Christ Die for the Non-Elect?

Topic: Predestination, The Death of Christ
Don’t let the truth of God’s electing love prevent you from declaring that Christ died for all. Whoever believes in him will have eternal life.
Episode 1158

Avoiding Pride in a World of Selfie Sticks and Social Media Platforms

Topic: Pride & Humility, Technology
Instagram selfies, Facebook updates, and endless Snaps feed off our self-focus and self-exaltation. But the sins behind the technology are not new.
Episode 1157

Did Jesus Advocate Castration to Break Sex Addiction?

Topic: Pornography, Sexual Purity
If you pluck out your right eye to fight lust, your left eye will pick up the slack. We need more than self-mutilation to fight this enemy.
Episode 1156

How Important Is It to Confess My Sin to Someone Other Than God?

Topic: Sin, Killing Sin
The New Testament teaches that Christians should confess their sins regularly — not only to God, but also to each other.
Episode 1155

Did Jesus Say I’d Be Healthier If My Faith Were Stronger?

Topic: Prayer
If you have a mustard seed of faith and mountains aren’t moving, you may have the wrong kind of faith — or God may have a better plan.
Episode 1154

How Do I Fight Pride When Competing in School, Business, and Sports?

Topic: Pride & Humility
Grading on a curve, competing for a job against others, sports-team tryouts — how do we seek the good of others when they are our rivals?