Episode 2055

The Emotional Roller Coaster of Bible Reading

Fear & Anxiety, Bible Reading
Bible reading can bring comfort, but Bible reading can also bring fear. How can we rightly embrace both the comfort of God’s promises and the fear of his warnings?
Episode 2054

Taste Test Your Way to God’s Will

Knowing God’s Will
Paul says that the renewed mind discerns God’s good will “by testing.” What does that testing look like in the thousands of everyday decisions we make?
Episode 2053

God’s Purpose in Our Boredom

The Power & Effects of Sin
Our boredom in this world is meant to point us to another world — a world where the infinitely interesting God will banish boredom forever.
Episode 2052

How Can I Convince Comfortable People to Embrace Christ?

No matter how comfortable our friends and neighbors may seem, they are headed for hell unless they repent. So, what words might break through their comfort?
Episode 2051

Satan, the ‘Prince of the Air’ — What Does That Mean?

Why does Paul call Satan “the prince of the power of the air”? Pastor John explores the extent of Satan’s authority and Christ’s decisive victory.
Episode 2050

If I’m Not Elect, How Am I Guilty for Not Believing?

If God has not chosen to save me, then why would he condemn me for not believing? Pastor John explains the kind of inability that does not remove responsibility.
Episode 2049

What Shia LaBeouf Gets Wrong About Joy

The Death of Christ
Is Shia LaBeouf right to say that Jesus experienced “maximum joy” as he died? Pastor John considers the joy set before Christ and the horrors of the cross.
Episode 2048

Killing Lust with the Cross of Christ

Sexual Purity
“Cross,” “nails,” “spear,” and “thorns” are words that evoke images in our minds — images with tremendous power to dispel lustful thoughts.
Episode 2047

Ten Questions for Readers of Erotica

Pornography, Sexual Purity
How should Christians think about sexually explicit material on the page rather than the screen? Pastor John offers ten questions for readers of erotica.
Episode 2046

Warning Our Children of Rebellion

Parents have the God-given duty to warn their children not to rebel against Christ, and some of the most powerful warnings come from stories of failed rebellions.