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Episode 1346

Why Is It Better That Christ Went Away (John 16:7)?

Topic: The Holy Spirit, The Supremacy of Christ
It’s better for us that Jesus is gone. He said so when he left. But why is Christ’s physical absence from us better for us than his physical presence?
Episode 1345

Will Marriage Cure My Lust?

Topic: Marriage, Sexual Purity
Sex in marriage, just like other physical gifts from God, is not an absolute cure for lust, but it can be a great help in the battle.
Episode 1344

Can an Elect Person Die Without Hearing the Gospel?

Topic: Predestination, World Missions
Letting the truth of election deter evangelism isn’t only illogical, but unbiblical. Pastor John shows how election moves us to action, not inaction.
Episode 1343

Should a Gay Couple, Once Converted, Stay ‘Married’?

Topic: Homosexuality, Divorce & Remarriage
The union of two men or women is not “gay marriage.” It’s no marriage. When they come to Christ, that former relationship has no binding authority.
Episode 1342

Is It Sinful to Want to Die?

Topic: Death & Dying, Heaven & Hell
Pain surrounds us in this world, and for those in Christ, the exact opposite awaits us after we die. Is it sinful to want to die and be with Jesus?
Episode 1341

Should We Expect Revival or More Social Decay?

Topic: Revival / Awakening, End Times
Scripture tells us that the last days will bring an upsurge of evil in the world. Does that mean we should stop expecting revivals to take place?
Episode 1340

How Does the Gospel Speak to Self-Hate?

Topic: Depression, Suicide, Life Issues
The Bible has a lot to say about the issue of self-hate. Where should we begin if we’re talking to a non-Christian who struggles in this area?
Episode 1339

Does Christ’s Righteousness Cover My Joylessness?

Topic: Christian Hedonism, Joy, Justification
Jesus is our substitute, the one who became sin so we might be saved. So does his righteousness also cover our joylessness?
Episode 1338

Does God Direct All the Details of My Life?

Topic: The Sovereignty of God
God’s sovereign control is complete, not partial. He governs every aspect of nature, every aspect of history, and every aspect of personal life.
Episode 1337

What Does It Mean to Live ‘in the Flesh’?

Topic: Sin, Bible Reading
Over ninety times, Paul speaks of “the flesh.” So what does this word mean to the apostle? Pastor John forms a definition from two key passages.