Episode 1511

How Does Christ Change How I Work?

Work & Vocation
When you come to know Jesus Christ, something about everything in your life changes — including how you approach your vocation.
Episode 1510

How Do I Lead Someone to Christ?

Regeneration, Evangelism
To lead someone to Christ is a spectacular gift from God. But what should you actually say and do in the moment?
Episode 1509

Do We Need Extrabiblical Texts to Understand the Bible?

Extrabiblical sources can help fill in some details of our Bible study, but all the gold we need to mine for life and godliness is in our English Bibles.
Episode 1508

Did God Save Me to Call Attention to Himself?

Salvation, The Glory of God
Over and over in the Bible, God says that he saves us in order to draw attention to himself. Why did God design salvation that way?
Episode 1507

Are Christian Couples Required to Have Kids?

Parenting, Children
The Bible is clear that children are a gift from God. So is there any room for a Christian couple to decide not to have any?
Episode 1506

Can a Christian Hedonist Get Depressed?

Christian Hedonism, Depression
If we glorify God by enjoying him, how do we think about seasons of darkness in the Christian life, when joy seems far away?
Episode 1505

How Do I Wait for God?

God works for those who wait for him. But what does it mean to wait for God?
Special Episode

John Piper Interviews J.I. Packer

In a 72-minute interview, John Piper and J.I. Packer discuss the Puritans, theology, the Christian life, and our heavenly hope.
Episode 1504

How Do I Glorify God in My Daily Life?

Christian Hedonism
God created us to glorify him by enjoying him forever. But how do we fulfill that purpose in the little things, in the small moments, in the day to day?
Episode 1503

Am I Wasting My Life in a Secular Job?

The Unwasted Life
Our vocation doesn’t automatically determine our fruitfulness for Jesus. God uses all kinds of people in all kinds of places to accomplish his purposes.