Episode 1695

Is Stress Making Me More Holy or More Sinful?

Sanctification & Growth
Life’s pressures have a way of exposing hidden sins and introducing new temptations. So how do we know if pressure is making us more holy or more sinful?
Episode 1694

Would I Trust Jesus More If I Had Seen Him?

Joy, Faith
Many wish they could have seen Jesus in person as he walked on the earth. But to have the four Gospels is even better than being there.
Episode 1693

Reckoning with the Message of Job

The Sovereignty of God, Suffering
Until we begin to grasp the infinite worth of God, and the horrific evil of sin, much of the Bible will make no sense — including a book like Job.
Episode 1692

How Do We ‘Dwell in the Shelter of the Most High’?

Suffering, Faith
Psalm 91 offers spectacular promises for the one who “dwells in the shelter of the Most High.” What does dwelling in the shelter of God mean for us today?
Episode 1691

Five Ways Pastors Fail

Pastoral Ministry
Countless pastors carry out their ministries faithfully — and some abuse their position and cause many to stumble. What does God have to say to hypocritical pastors?
Episode 1690

Are Non-Christian Marriages Valid in God’s Eyes?

God made marriage to picture the relationship of Christ and his church. Does it follow that a marriage between an unbelieving man and woman is illegitimate?
Episode 1689

Has God Abandoned Me?

God has promised never to leave us or forsake his people. So how do we respond when it feels like he has?
Episode 1688

Parenting Through a Family Crisis

If we’re going to parent well through family troubles, we need to know, first, that our own sin is our worst problem, and second, that Jesus’s blood covers it all.
Episode 1687

Ingredients for a Theology of Feasting

Creation, Diet & Exercise
The Bible talks a lot about feasting — far more than about fasting, in fact. So what is feasting, and how might we enjoy it in our Christian lives?
Episode 1686

How Do We Prepare for the Second Coming?

End Times
We know from the New Testament that Jesus will return in power and glory. What can we do to prepare ourselves for that long-expected day?