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Episode 1120

How Do I Process Personal Criticism?

Topic: Sanctification & Growth, Pride & Humility
Aim to be humble rather than defensive when it comes to criticism. Only then will we be able to listen to their words and change if we’re wrong.
Episode 1119

Why Does Gossip Feel So Good?

Topic: Speech
Spreading damaging reports about others feels so good and comes so naturally. But why is this impulse so natural? And how do we fight it?
Episode 1118

Am I Wrong to Prepare for a Nuclear Doomsday?

Topic: War
Under the threat of nuclear war, we could easily start preparing for the worst by stocking up on food and building a bomb shelter. But should we?
Episode 1117

Why Does God’s Sovereignty Make Some Ambitious and Others Apathetic?

Topic: The Sovereignty of God
Why do some hear of God’s sovereignty and run into the mission field with confidence, while others passively say, “What will be will be”?
Episode 1116

How Do I Love God More Than My Entertainment?

Topic: The Unwasted Life, Technology
What should we do if the thrills of TV, movies, video games, and sports feel more interesting than spending time with God?
Episode 1115

The Dignity of Those with Dementia

Topic: Disease & Sickness
Dementia may turn God’s people into frail shadows of their former self, but these saints are sitting on the brink of a glory and power we can’t imagine.
Episode 1114

Six Common Ways Preachers Dishonor God’s Word

Topic: Preaching & Teaching
The stakes are high when pastors do not root their points plainly from the text in front of them. Here are six consequences.
Episode 1113

How Do I Know If I’m Loving My Wife Well?

Topic: Marriage
The Bible calls husbands to lead their wives. But where should you go for help if you’ve never seen anyone model Christlike leadership in the home?
Episode 1112

Church Membership Has Left Me Relationally Jaded

Topic: Church Membership
Even the best churches and friendships can leave us feeling relationally jaded. So how can we persevere in love when others disappoint us so much?
Episode 1111

Is God a Megalomaniac?

Topic: The Glory of God
God seeks our worship, not because it meets his need, but because it meets ours. God is the only one beautiful enough to satisfy us forever.