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Episode 1319

Money, Mardi Gras, and Something Far Better

Topic: World Missions
Dozens of countries are experiencing a resurgence of biblical Christianity. Pastor John shares several stories from his recent trip to Brazil and Argentina.
Special Episode

How Do I Resist Smartphone Overuse?

Topic: Technology
Your smartphone is changing you, whether you realize it or not. Tony Reinke explains the costs of smartphone overuse, and how we can resist.
Episode 1318

Can a Coin Flip Reveal God’s Will for My Life?

Topic: Wisdom, Waiting
Making a decision with a coin flip glorifies chance. But making a decision from a renewed mind glorifies God.
Episode 1317

My Girlfriend Affirms Homosexual Love — Is This a Deal-Breaker?

Topic: Homosexuality, Dating & Singleness, Marriage
“My girlfriend affirms homosexual love — is this a deal-breaker?” Yes. Pastor John gives five reasons why.
Episode 1316

What Does Jesus Mean by ‘I Never Knew You’?

Topic: Assurance of Salvation
When Jesus says, “I never knew you,” he means, “I don’t recognize you as my disciple, as my follower. You are a spiritual stranger to me.”
Episode 1315

My Husband Is Passive — What Can I Do?

Topic: Marriage & Family
God may use you to change your spouse. But if you press in to him, no matter how disappointed you are in marriage, he will certainly change you.
Episode 1314

How Do I Break My Entertainment Addiction?

Topic: Technology, The Unwasted Life
As God’s child, you are not enslaved to entertainment or anything else. Christ has purchased a way out for you.
Episode 1313

How Much Entertainment Is Too Much?

Topic: Technology, The Unwasted Life
Watching a movie, playing a board game, reading a novel — is God disappointed if we use free time for these instead of reading Scripture and praying?
Episode 1312

I’m an Anxious Person — How Do I ‘Rest in Christ’?

Topic: The Unwasted Life, Fear & Anxiety
In Jesus, God has given us what we need to rest — even while we work. To every anxious soul, Jesus says, “Come to me, and I will give you rest.”
Episode 1311

How Can I See the Beauty of God?

Topic: Arts & Literature, The Glory of God
Seeing and loving art and seeing and loving divine glory are not the same. They require different ways of seeing. So how can we see the beauty of God?