Episode 1506

Can a Christian Hedonist Get Depressed?

Christian Hedonism, Depression
If we glorify God by enjoying him, how do we think about seasons of darkness in the Christian life, when joy seems far away?
Episode 1505

How Do I Wait for God?

God works for those who wait for him. But what does it mean to wait for God?
Special Episode

John Piper Interviews J.I. Packer

In a 72-minute interview, John Piper and J.I. Packer discuss the Puritans, theology, the Christian life, and our heavenly hope.
Episode 1504

How Do I Glorify God in My Daily Life?

Christian Hedonism
God created us to glorify him by enjoying him forever. But how do we fulfill that purpose in the little things, in the small moments, in the day to day?
Episode 1503

Am I Wasting My Life in a Secular Job?

The Unwasted Life
Our vocation doesn’t automatically determine our fruitfulness for Jesus. God uses all kinds of people in all kinds of places to accomplish his purposes.
Episode 1502

How Does God Become Totally for Me?

God won’t settle for anything less than perfection from us. Either we depend on Christ’s perfection in our place, or we keep the entire law.
Episode 1501

How Do I Wage War on My Self-Pity?

Killing Sin
At the cross, Christ canceled all our sins through his blood. Now, by the Spirit, we work to conquer every canceled sin.
Special Episode

A Seriously Happy Puritan: Praising God for J.I. Packer

Calvinism, Biography
On the morning of July 17, J.I. Packer passed into glory. Pastor John shares a tribute to the man he looked up to as a father in the faith.
Episode 1500

Seven Lessons for Productivity

After fifteen hundred episodes of the Ask Pastor John podcast, Pastor John shares seven lessons that have inspired him to labor faithfully over decades.
Episode 1499

What Does Freedom from the Love of Money Look Like?

Life of Worship, Money
Our hearts were never meant to find their meaning in money. God made us for something far more valuable.