Episode 1640

How Not to Correct a Fellow Christian

Pride & Humility, Life Together
How can Christians challenge and correct one another in a way that honors Christ and acknowledges our common neediness before him?
Episode 1639

The Disabled Wife and the Proverbs 31 Woman

Wives & Mothers
God expects faithfulness of all his people. But faithfulness for one Christian may look far different than faithfulness for another Christian.
Episode 1638

Are Our Enemies Spiritual, Human, or Both?

Spiritual Warfare
Paul tells us that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood. But Paul himself had many human enemies. So, are our enemies spiritual, human, or both?
Episode 1637

To Be Loved Infinitely

The essence of God’s love is not that he makes much of us, but that he frees us, at great cost to himself, to enjoy making much of him forever.
Episode 1636

How Do I Serve Dying Unbelievers?

Evangelism, Death & Dying
Many medical professionals regularly find themselves around people only hours or minutes from hell. How would love call us to act in those moments?
Episode 1635

Should Christian Jurors Show Mercy to the Guilty?

Public Justice
Christians display the character of God through both mercy and justice. But how do we know when to show mercy and when to give justice?
Episode 1634

Why Do You Want to Be Loved by God?

The Love of God
Almost everyone wants to be loved by God. But our reasons for wanting God’s love may reveal whether we truly know him or not.
Episode 1633

Is It Sinful to Pray for a Larger Income?

When God restored Job’s fortunes, he also doubled his wealth. Should Christians pray for God to do the same for us today?
Episode 1632

A Better Promise for Serial Daters

Serial dating, if left unconquered, often turns into serial marriage. So, what hope does Jesus offer to those addicted to the pleasures of a new relationship?
Episode 1631

Flee to Christ in Fear

The Love of God, Faith
God commands us both to fear him and to flee to him for refuge. How can we possibly do one without contradicting the other?