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Episode 1437

How Do I Bless My Children Before Bed?

Topic: Parenting
If you want to raise your children to know and love Jesus, then a regular rhythm of blessing may prove to be a helpful habit of grace.
Episode 1436

Why Is My Theology Not Changing My Life?

Topic: Sanctification & Growth
If I believe all the right things, then why does my growth in holiness seem so tedious and slow?
Episode 1435

Should Christians Attend Alcoholics Anonymous?

Topic: Conscience, Sanctification & Growth
Alcoholics Anonymous, and programs like it, seem to genuinely help hurting people. But what do such programs miss that Christians can’t overlook?
Episode 1434

Can We Love Both God and Pleasure?

Topic: Christian Hedonism
If the Bible says that loving pleasure is a sign of ungodliness, then can we really make joy and pleasure essential to our pursuit of God?
Episode 1433

How Do I Let Go of Anger over Past Wrongs?

Topic: Anger
How do we lay down our anger, our bitterness, our grudges against those who have wronged us and gotten away with it?
Episode 1432

Would God Be Just as Glorified If We Were His Slaves?

Topic: The Glory of God
God gets maximum glory from his people, not when we work for him out of begrudging duty, but when we run to him out of sheer delight.
Episode 1431

How Do I Find a Good Church?

Topic: The Church, Church Membership
If you live near a number of gospel-preaching churches, how do you decide which body is best for you to join? Pastor John suggests nine steps.
Episode 1430

How Do I Grow in Wisdom?

Topic: Wisdom, The Power & Effects of Sin
How do I become a sage who overflows with godly wisdom? Pastor John recommends a path too few of us choose to tread.
Episode 1429

Should My Husband Pray with Me More?

Topic: Marriage, Prayer
We all need private, regular communion with God. But the Bible presents a vision for prayer that reaches well beyond our personal quiet times.
Episode 1428

Should We Call Female Leaders ‘Pastors’?

Topic: Pastoral Ministry, Biblical Eldership
The New Testament doesn’t apply the term “pastor” to any leader in the church, but only to qualified men who oversee and teach the flock.