Episode 2037

Should the Church ‘Bless’ Same-Sex Relationships?

Should churches be willing to somehow “bless” same-sex relationships? Pastor John responds to Pope Francis’s concerning proposal.
Episode 2036

How Can I Glorify God as I Pray for Myself?

God does everything he does for his glory, including answering our prayers. So, how can we align all our requests with this big, overarching purpose?
Episode 2035

Am I Abusing Caffeine?

Diet & Exercise
How can we tell if we’re abusing caffeine (or any food or drink)? Pastor John offers three questions to guide a Christian’s consumption.
Episode 2034

‘Death Is Yours’ — What Does Paul Mean?

Death & Dying
If death belongs to the children of God, as the apostle Paul says, then death not only loses its sting, but it turns around and becomes our servant.
Episode 2033

The Man Who Died in the Pulpit

Death & Dying
On September 22, 1967, V. Raymond Edman collapsed while delivering a chapel message at Wheaton. Pastor John reflects on his college chancellor’s final words.
Episode 2032

How Do I Forget My Sinful Past?

Some Christians carry an ongoing sense of guilt for sins confessed long ago. What can we do with these stubborn guilt feelings?
Episode 2031

God Delivers from the Suffering He Ordains

Suffering, The Sovereignty of God
If God is sovereign over our suffering, then we can trust him to strengthen us in suffering, sanctify us through suffering, and ultimately save us from suffering.
Episode 2030

The Gift of God’s God-Centeredness

The Glory of God
From eternity, God has been self-sufficiently happy in himself. And because he has no needs of his own, he is gloriously free to meet ours.
Episode 2029

Should Confidence in Sovereignty Make Me Prayerless?

The Sovereignty of God, Prayer
If our souls are deeply satisfied in God, what room is there for petitionary prayer? Pastor John reframes the question by clarifying the nature of prayer.
Episode 2028

Your Most-Asked-About Bible Verse

The Sovereignty of God
If God is sovereign over salvation, do the non-elect even have a chance to repent? Pastor John addresses Romans 9:22, your most-asked-about Bible verse.