Episode 2062

On Repetitive Worship Songs

Corporate Worship
“For his steadfast love endures forever” appears 26 times in Psalm 136. What might we learn from this psalm about the right kind of repetition in worship?
Episode 2061

Let the Bible Smash Your Bad Theology

Life of the Mind
If you want more of your thoughts to become captive to Christ, open the Bible and pray, “Anything in my thinking that needs to be destroyed, destroy it.”
Episode 2060

The Good Grace of Being American

American citizens enjoy lavish blessings of common grace. Pastor John calls us to give thanks without giving away our far deeper allegiance to God’s special grace.
Episode 2059

Is My Joy Commanded or Spontaneous?

If joy in God is a gift from God, why does he also command us to rejoice? Pastor John takes us into a paradox that lies at the heart of the God-glorifying life.
Episode 2058

The Next Generation of Missionaries

World Missions
The local church’s task of sending and sustaining long-term missionaries rests on several deep biblical assumptions. Pastor John shares five.
Episode 2057

How Your Heart Governs Your Mind

Life of the Mind, Regeneration
At the root of our sin is not a mind ignorant of God’s ways, but a darkened love, a hardened heart, and a will bent away from God’s ways.
Episode 2056

Resurrection Power for Our Pain

In this fallen age, resurrection power does not keep us from pain. Instead, it brings life to others as we keep loving Jesus in our pain.
Episode 2055

The Emotional Roller Coaster of Bible Reading

Fear & Anxiety, Bible Reading
Bible reading can bring comfort, but Bible reading can also bring fear. How can we rightly embrace both the comfort of God’s promises and the fear of his warnings?
Episode 2054

Taste Test Your Way to God’s Will

Knowing God’s Will
Paul says that the renewed mind discerns God’s good will “by testing.” What does that testing look like in the thousands of everyday decisions we make?
Episode 2053

God’s Purpose in Our Boredom

The Power & Effects of Sin
Our boredom in this world is meant to point us to another world — a world where the infinitely interesting God will banish boredom forever.