Episode 1786

Have I Sinned If I Fall Short of Excellence at Work?

Work & Vocation
God is honored when we do our jobs with technical excellence, and he is also honored when we give ourselves to the kinds of excellence that cannot be measured.
Episode 1785

How Do I Not Provoke My Children?

Husbands & Fathers, Parenting
How can we require obedience of our children without provoking and discouraging them? Pastor John offers eight pitfalls for fathers.
Episode 1784

Do Answered Prayers Depend on My Holiness?

Throughout Scripture, God warns that he will not hear the prayers of the disobedient. So do answered prayers depend on our holiness?
Episode 1783

For Christians Whose Testimony Seems Boring

We will never plumb the depths of sin and grace merely from past experience. Only God’s word can tell us how lost and dead we were, and how found and alive we are.
Episode 1782

Would You Have Supported Prohibition in 1913?

Social Issues
In the early twentieth century, many Christian leaders lent their approval to the cause of Prohibition. Would Pastor John have done the same if he lived back then?
Episode 1781

How Greatly Am I Loved?

Regeneration, The Love of God
In Christ, God has chosen us from eternity, and called us in time, so that we would boast no longer in ourselves, but only in him and his great love.
Episode 1780

How Do I Make Christian Hedonism My Own?

Preaching & Teaching
Some teachers influence us so deeply that we find ourselves imitating them without trying. So how can we move past imitation to make biblical truth our own?
Episode 1779

Why Dead Men Must Die

Paul says we all were dead apart from Christ, but he also says we died when we were united to Christ. In what sense, then, do dead men die?
Episode 1778

God Saves to Make Much of Himself — Doesn’t That Lessen His Love?

The Love of God
Nothing but God can forever satisfy hearts that are made for God. And so, in great mercy, God loves us in a way that makes much of himself.
Episode 1777

Should Gospel Disagreements End a Friendship?

Christian Unity
Christians can disagree over many doctrines and stay friends. But what should we do when a friend rejects a doctrine central to the gospel?