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Episode 1477

How Much Joy Did the Curse Cost Me?

Topic: Joy, The Fall
Because of the fall, we are by nature dead to joy in God. Because of the cross, we can experience more joy in God than we ever could have had in Eden.
Episode 1476

Do My Sins Ruin God’s Plan for My Life?

Topic: The Unwasted Life, Heaven & Hell
Some sins unalterably change the course of our lives, leaving us to live with the consequences. Do these sins sabotage God’s best plan for us?
Episode 1475

The God over Viruses

Topic: The Sovereignty of God, Natural Disasters
If we say God is sovereign, does that mean he’s in charge of everything — even down to the tiniest molecule?
Episode 1474

Does Christ Govern Every Storm?

Topic: The Sovereignty of God, Natural Disasters
Jesus stilled a storm for his disciples two thousand years ago, but does that necessarily mean he controls every single storm today?
Episode 1473

Am I Living by Faith or Unbelief?

Topic: Faith
The Bible calls us to walk by faith, but how can we actually know if we are living by faith instead of unbelief?
Episode 1472

Could a Recession Serve Our Joy?

Topic: Money, Giving
Sometimes it takes a recession to dig up the roots of our lives and replant them in soil that causes us to bear the fruit of generosity.
Episode 1471

What Is Hyper-Calvinism?

Topic: Calvinism
Doctrinal systems can help us summarize the Bible’s teaching, but they are never a substitute for Scripture itself.
Special Episode

What’s the Comfort If the Coronavirus Is Judgment?

Topic: Death & Dying, Natural Disasters
Even in the most bitter providences, Christians have comfort to offer. The gospel is best news in the world for the hardest moments in the world.
Episode 1470

What Is Grace?

Topic: The Grace of God
We often define “grace” as “undeserved favor.” But the grace of God has another meaning in the Bible that is filled with encouragement and comfort.
Episode 1469

How Can I Receive Christ?

Topic: Faith
The help Jesus offers isn’t a commodity you can buy with money or morality. To have the Son, you must receive him by faith.