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Episode 1253

Should I Attend the Wedding of a Couple Already Living Together?

Topic: Homosexuality, Marriage
Whether we attend the wedding of a couple living together or decide to stay home, we are saying something. So what exactly should we say?
Episode 1252

How Do I Teach ‘Christian Hedonism’ to My Kids?

Topic: Children, Parenting
Children don’t need to use the label “Christian Hedonism,” but parents can help them grasp what it means to be happy in God.
Episode 1251

Should I Ever Take an Action I Don’t ‘Have Peace’ About?

Topic: Wisdom, Fear & Anxiety
Peace and calm are not the only factors in determining what we should do. Pastor John explains what else should govern our decisions.
Episode 1250

Five Ways Jesus Changes Our Relationship to the Old Testament

Topic: Old Testament Biblical Figures, Bible Reading
How do Christians know which Old Testament laws apply to them? Pastor John explains five ways Jesus shapes our approach to the Old Testament.
Episode 1249

What Is the Place of Faith in My Unanswered Prayers?

Topic: Prayer, The Sovereignty of God, Death & Dying
When God consistently answers prayers with “no,” many of us wonder if our faith is the problem. So what role does faith play in unanswered prayers?
Episode 1248

What Hope Does God Offer in My Depression?

Topic: Depression
God promises hope to the downcast, fullness of life to the broken, and joy to the depressed. Here are five passages to turn to when darkness falls.
Episode 1247

Ministering Without R.C. Sproul

Topic: Church & Ministry, Pastoral Ministry, Death & Dying
R.C. Sproul went home to be with the Lord on December 14, 2017. Burk Parsons shares what it’s like to live and minister without him.
Episode 1246

Real Sermons Are Not Lectures or Moral Stories

Topic: Preaching & Teaching, Church Practices
Pastors are not merely teachers or lecturers. They are shepherds to needy sheep. Burk Parsons describes the kind of sermons a shepherd should give.
Episode 1245

How Do I Feed My Joy in Jesus Every Morning?

Topic: Bible Reading, Christian Hedonism
If Christ is not our supreme treasure, something else will gladly take his place. So how do we preserve our joy in God through the day?
Episode 1244

How Do I Choose Good Books and Grow My Library?

Topic: Worldview & Culture, Study & Scholarship
Millions of books compete for our attention, but only a fraction of them are worth reading. So where do we start when trying to grow our library?