Episode 1868

Amusing Ourselves from Death

Death & Dying
Outside of Christ, the fear of death is a slave master that holds everyone in bondage — even those who seem unaware of their chains.
Episode 1867

Give Young Christians a Chance to Lead

Pride & Humility
Our churches grow in wisdom and maturity when the young honor the old, the old listen to the young, and all clothe themselves with humility.
Episode 1866

Should We Seek to Suffer?

Suffering may be the price of Christian love, but it is not the aim of Christian love. Our aim is to do as much good as we can on the lowly path of service.
Episode 1865

Pray Your Way into Thanksgiving

Prayer, Fear & Anxiety
How can we aim to be done with anxiety and enjoy peace in any circumstance? By bringing every circumstance to God in prayer.
Episode 1864

How Does Baptism Save Us?

Baptism & Membership
If God saves his people through faith alone apart from works, why does Peter say that baptism now saves us?
Episode 1863

Do Unbelievers Get a Second Chance After Death?

In 1 Peter 3:19, we read that Christ “went and proclaimed to the spirits in prison, because they formerly did not obey.” What might Peter mean?
Episode 1862

How Do I Pray from the Misery of My Sin?

There is no distress that puts you beyond the good news that God brings — not even the distress caused by your own sin.
Episode 1861

Let the Nations Be Glad! — Thirty Years Later

World Missions
Thirty years after ‘Let the Nations Be Glad!’ was published, Pastor John reflects on the book’s beginnings and its lasting legacy.
Episode 1860

What If I Don’t Have a Spiritual Gift?

Spiritual Gifts
Paul and Peter charge Christians to use our spiritual gifts for the good of the church. But what if we don’t seem to have any spiritual gifts?
Episode 1859

What Makes My Gift a Spiritual Gift?

Spiritual Gifts
If God has given helpful skills to both believers and unbelievers, what makes the difference between a merely natural ability and a spiritual gift?