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Episode 1455

Is It a Sin to Back Out of a Commitment?

Topic: Speech, Sanctification & Growth
Honesty, integrity, and reliability should characterize every Christian. Since God delights in truth, so should his people.
Episode 1454

Plan for Something Greater Than Retirement

Topic: Retirement, Faith
Retirement is not the last chapter of life — eternity is the last chapter. And the hope of being with Jesus forever should shape our final years on earth.
Special Episode

How to Talk to Children About the Coronavirus

Topic: Children, Fear & Anxiety, Natural Disasters
Little hearts need the hope and security of a big God. What can parents tell kids and teens in the middle of a pandemic?
Episode 1453

Public, Private, Online, Homeschool?

Topic: Parenting, Education
When Christian parents have a number of educational options for their children, what biblical principles help us decide what’s best?
Episode 1452

What’s Next for an Aging Pastor?

Topic: Retirement, The Unwasted Life
God never wastes his children. If you devote yourself to serving the Lord, he will never leave you without significant opportunities for good works.
Special Episode

How Do I Fight My Coronavirus Fears?

Topic: Fear & Anxiety, Natural Disasters
The coronavirus is a wake-up call for everyone. Have we built our lives on a fragile foundation, or do we have true, unshakable hope in Jesus Christ?
Episode 1451

Grace for Our Hardest Moments

Topic: Faith, Suffering
Jesus may not give us everything we want, or even everything we think we need. But he will give us everything we truly need — all the way to the end.
Episode 1450

Are IVF Babies Knit Together by God Too?

Topic: The Sovereignty of God, Technology
No technology can ever thwart God’s sovereignty. His oversight extends even to those advancements that seem to take his place.
Episode 1449

A Word to Men Who Demean Their Wives

Topic: Marriage, Manhood & Womanhood
God calls husbands to provide and protect, not demean and belittle. Husbands must lead, but always with gentleness and grace, especially in the home.
Episode 1448

Jesus Didn’t Die for Our Present Prosperity

Topic: Suffering, Christian Hedonism
Jesus doesn’t want disciples who seek him merely for what he can provide. He wants disciples who treasure him for who he is.