Episode 1528

Why Does It Matter That Christ Was ‘Begotten, Not Made’?

The Deity of Christ
The Nicene Creed speaks of Jesus as “begotten, not made.” What does that mean, and why does it matter?
Episode 1527

Money Motivates Me to Work Hard — Is That Okay?

How can we tell if our desire for money is a good, God-given desire, instead of a love for Mammon? Pastor John offers seven ways to discern the difference.
Episode 1526

How Do I Tell If I Am Lukewarm?

How can we tell if we are spiritually lukewarm, like the Christians in Laodicea? We can look at our private prayer life.
Episode 1525

What Do You Love Most About God?

The Grace of God
Unless the Bible informs what we love most about God, we risk imagining a god in our own likeness, rather than treasuring him for who he really is.
Episode 1524

‘Always Learning but Never Arriving’ — Is That Me?

Life of the Mind
Paul warns us about some who are “always learning and never able to arrive at a knowledge of the truth.” What kind of person does he have in mind?
Episode 1523

What Is God Accomplishing in My Suffering?

Suffering often feels meaningless in the moment. So how can Christians learn not only to endure trials, but to rejoice in the midst of them?
Episode 1522

What Do My Entertainment Habits Reveal About My Soul?

If we cope with stress by watching movies, posting on social media, or consuming other forms of entertainment, what does that say about our souls?
Episode 1521

Does Every Sin Cost Me an Eternal Reward?

Heaven & Hell
God promises eternal rewards for his people’s present obedience. But does every sin cost us one of those rewards?
Episode 1520

I Feel Unappreciated — How Should I Respond?

Killing Sin
Ingratitude can make us feel unwanted and unnoticed. But our Father in heaven sees in secret, and he will more than make up for every thankless deed.
Episode 1519

Is My Career in Marketing Vain?

Work & Vocation, Money
Some marketing succeeds by cultivating consumerism in the human heart. Can a Christian glorify God in that kind of job?