Episode 1492

Did Moses Think Sinners Could Keep the Law?

The Law
The Mosaic law requires obedience over and over again. Does that mean old-covenant believers earned their way to a right standing with God?
Episode 1491

Do I Need to Understand the Trinity to Be Saved?

The Trinity
What does someone need to know about the Trinity in order to have saving faith in Jesus?
Episode 1490

How Do I Find Freedom from Worry?

Fear & Anxiety
In the moment when troubles come or worries rise, we need the precious truth of specific promises from God’s word.
Episode 1489

Would God Have Been More Loving Not to Create Anyone?

If God knew before he created the world that millions of people would suffer eternally in hell, would he have been more loving not to create at all?
Episode 1488

Which Characters in Job Can We Trust?

Job is a famously difficult book to understand and apply. But God has not left us without interpretive guides to help us discern the book’s message.
Special Episode

Update from John Piper and How You Can Help Us

The Supremacy of Christ
Hear from Pastor John on his latest ministry projects, and learn how you can partner with us to spread joy in Jesus Christ for years to come.
Episode 1487

What Do You See When You Look at the Sky?

The Glory of God, Creation
All creation rings with its Maker’s praise. If we pause to look and listen, God can show us glory in all that he has made.
Episode 1486

Why Does Christ Want Some Not to Believe?

If God desires all people to be saved, why did Jesus sometimes speak in a way that kept people from believing?
Episode 1485

How Should Christians Respond to Climate Change?

Climate-change activists warn of dire consequences if nations and individuals refuse to care for the environment. How should Christians respond?
Episode 1484

Why Must Our Bodies Get Resurrected?

The Supremacy of Christ, Joy
Our resurrection bodies will allow us not only to experience life without disease and decay, but also to enjoy God in the bliss he intended.