Episode 1822

Who Will Judge the World?

Heaven & Hell
Scripture speaks of the Father judging the world, the Son judging the world, and sometimes even the word of Christ judging the world. So, in the end, who will judge?
Episode 1821

How Are We Born Again?

The new birth is a sovereign work of the Spirit, but it is a work bound to the word. The Spirit of God works through the word of God to glorify the Son of God.
Episode 1820

How Money Fears Kill Our Worship

When we trust God with our money, we not only enjoy freedom from worry, but we magnify the shepherd, Father, and King who provides for us.
Episode 1819

What Makes Christian Love Different?

What makes Christian love different from non-Christian love? It is rooted in the cross of Christ, sustained by the Holy Spirit, and aimed at the glory of God.
Episode 1818

What Does It Mean to Be ‘Overly Righteous’?

Ecclesiastes tells us not to be “overly righteous,” but Jesus calls us to a righteousness that exceeds even that of the Pharisees. How can we put these two texts together?
Episode 1817

Gospel Drift — and How to Avoid It

The Power & Effects of Sin
You don’t have to commit great sins in order to fall away from Jesus. You just have to neglect your great salvation.
Episode 1816

Why Did Jesus Need to Suffer and Die Publicly?

The Death of Christ
Did Jesus have to die a public, agonizing death, or could he have saved us by living sinlessly and dying in obscurity?
Episode 1815

Does God Ever Tempt Us to Sin?

Indwelling Sin
God clearly tests his people, but does he ever tempt them to sin? Pastor John explores the distinction between tests and temptations in James 1.
Episode 1814

Trembling Before God on Sunday

The Wrath of God
Hundreds of times, God tells us to “fear not.” So why does he also call us to work out our salvation “with fear and trembling”?
Episode 1813

Is My Humorous Personality a Liability?

Sober-mindedness keeps us from the silliness that is allergic to serious moments, but it also keeps us from the somberness that doesn’t know how to be joyful.