An Everyday Burden for Japan's Everyday Tragedy

The Everyday Tragedy in Japan

Thank you for your prayers and concern for Japan in the aftermath of what has been described as the greatest challenge that Japan has faced since World War II. 

We mourn those who have lost their lives, especially those who died without the Savior.

Staggering loss of life of those in Japan who die without Christ is an everyday reality. The number of deaths from last month's tragedy is very likely to surpass 25,000. To put this in some perspective, every year in Japan more than 30,000 Japanese take their own lives. Everyday is a tragedy in Japan for those without Christ.

A Burden for the Japanese 

Our burden for the Japanese did not start with this earthquake and we hope that your burden for the Japanese will not end as the days pass by.

The world watched as information came out from Japan about the rising death toll and dangerous levels of nuclear radiation. For some it was fodder for prayer. For others it was like a giant reality show. 

But already Japan is fading from the headlines. Will Japan also fade from your heart and your prayers?

An exciting thought is that perhaps in these past weeks there were more prayers being prayed for Japan throughout the world than at any time in the history. I have great hope that God has a glorious purpose for moving his global church to such unprecendented prayers. Perhaps in the days ahead we will see that God is advancing his gospel in Japan in unprecendented ways as well.

My hope is that Japan will not be the latest trend or cause to give attention to for a short season, but that the global church will continue to embrace Japan like never before. 

Even before this tragedy, Japan was the largest unreached nation in the world. 

Even before this tragedy, Japan was considered one of the most difficult mission fields in the world. 

Even before this tragedy, Japan was filled with tragedy for those without Christ.

So Please Pray

Pray not only for the physical preservation of the Japanese but for their spiritual salvation. Pray for the Japanese to find their ultimate comfort and healing in the gospel of Christ.

Pray for spiritual revival in the Japanese church. The gospel of Christ must be more intimately embraced within the church and more openly expressed to the surrounding society. There is amazing unity that is emerging from the coordinated relief response of Japanese believers. Pray for this to continue and for pride and jealousies to die.

And pray for wisdom in how to respond to the everyday tragedy in Japan by praying for, supporting, and considering mission work in the largest unreached nation of the world.