An Invitation to Join a New Venture in Missions

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Founder & Teacher,

Last Sunday night I presented to the church my view of the overarching mission of BBC. Out of that mission statement (which I will make available in writing soon) came a specific goal that people and resources at BBC be mobilized for frontier missions. We must have a special burden that God’s name be honored by calling people to faith where no gospel witness now exists.

I presented the following charter of a new group at BBC called Frontier Missions Prayer and Study Group. If this sounds like where your heart is, plan to come to the organizational meeting on Saturday, April 30, from 9-10 a.m. At the meeting three officers will be elected, meeting times will be established, and study goals will be determined. My prayer is that the group will become a “think tank” and “seedbed” and “prayer nucleus” for the endless possibilities of missions through BBC. Here is the first half of the charter.

Who are we?

The FMPSG is a group of Christians in whom the desire to be used by God in advancing the frontiers of the Church has become strong enough to bring us together at least nine times a year for concerted prayer and study in the biblical foundations for missions, the history of missions, the lives of missionaries, and the theory, strategy and practice of missions.

What is our ultimate purpose?

That God might be glorified as more and more people acknowledge the Lordship of Christ and magnify him through faith and obedience.

What are our goals?

To achieve our ultimate purpose we aim 1) to help each other preserve and deepen our concern for unreached people groups, 2) to cultivate a strong and joyful confidence that God has the will and the power to lead the Church in victorious witness to all unreached peoples, 3) to seek and promote practical ideas by which we and our church can advance frontier mission efforts, and 4) to keep ourselves ever open to the call of God to serve on the frontier.

How will we pursue these goals?

Primarily through prayer and study. We believe that concern for the unreached, confidence in God’s sovereign help, ideas for advance, and openness to God’s call come most surely when we are studying the character and purposes of God in Scripture, the phenomenal success of mission advance in history, the sacrifices and faith of great missionaries, and the creative and bold strategies of missions statesmen. When this study is surrounded and soaked in prayer for insight, vision, love and power we believe great impulses for missionary advance will emerge to the glory of God.

Alive in the city…a love for the world,

Pastor John