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QuILT is a bi-weekly 1½ hour class in which Pastor John will lead a discussion of Daniel Fuller’s book Gospel and Law (with related biblical texts) and field a wide range of questions regarding various issues of ministerial leadership. The class will include prayer and visionary application of insights to our ministry at Bethlehem and the world-wide cause of Christ.

For Whom?

QuILT is for men and women who are willing to make a commitment 1) to meet every other Monday from 4:00-5:30 p.m. and 2) to devote one hour preparation for that class, and 3) to pray earnestly for new wisdom (Proverbs 2:3) and guidance for their ministry (Psalm 25:12). The class has in view people preparing for vocational ministry, but also is open to persons who long to be effective lay ministers of our church. There are no prior educational prerequisites.


I long to see those people who are called to ministry (whether vocational or not) be excited about the great God we serve and the indescribably wonderful purposes he has for his people, and the incomparable privilege of yielding to him as an instrument for his gracious work in the world.

I long to see them understand deeply the central issues of biblical truth and think clearly about them, and express them powerfully.

I long to see leaders rise up at Bethlehem who are full of the Spirit and wisdom, saturated with Scripture, clear in their grasp of crucial doctrines, radiant with the joy of faith, overflowing with love to God and man, passionately committed to war on Satan’s strongholds of unbelief and suffering, practical in their handling of everyday affairs, and utterly sold on the surpassing value of knowing our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ, ready to forsake all for him.

I am trusting Christ to use QuILT as one little part of his sovereign plan to build the leaders the church needs in the years ahead.

When and Where?

We will begin meeting at 4:00-5:30 p.m., Monday, September 12 in the Conference Room at the church. The class will last until we complete the book, and then we will rethink our direction for next year.

How Do I Become Part of QuILT?

  • Pray about God’s call and the commitment of effort and time required.
  • Don’t come unless it sounds exciting to you. It should be a joy, not a burden.
  • This is not just intended for young pre-ministerial students. I would love to have a mixture of older and younger people.
  • Are you willing to buy and read the book Gospel and Law as required? (About $8.00.)
  • If God puts it in your heart to come, notify Carol in the church office or me as soon as possible so we can order the books.

Looking forward to being with many of you,

Pastor John