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90 by 90

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In 1882 D.L. Moody held one week of meetings at Cambridge University. Within two years the “Cambridge Seven” committed themselves to foreign missions. It was not a cheap commitment. In February, 1885, the Seven sailed together for China. One news reporter wrote, “Never before in the history of missions has so unique a band set out to labor in the foreign field.”

Who were the Cambridge Seven?

  1. Montagu H.P. Beauchamp – son of Sir Thomas and Lady Beauchamp, a brilliant student.
  2. William W. Cassels – son of a business man.
  3. Dixon Edward Hoste – held a commission in the Royal Artillery and later took the place of Hudson Taylor over China Inland Mission.
  4. Arthur Polhill Turner – son of a member of Parliament.
  5. Cecil Polhill Turner – commissioned at the Dragoon Guards.
  6. Stanley P. Smith – son of a London surgeon, captain of the First Trinity Boat Club at Cambridge.
  7. Charles Thomas Studd – “England’s greatest cricketeer” of the day and whose father had made a
    fortune in India.

To many, including some family members, the commitment of the Cambridge Seven to reach the frontiers with the gospel was a tragic waste of intellect and talent. But these men had come to see the world with different eyes. How could a mind be wasted when fully applied to the greatest challenge in the world?

Will there be any “BBC Sevens”? I believe there will! I believe the young men and women of Bethlehem want to invest their highest powers in the highest cause. The smartest and most talented will not want to squander these strategic gifts on money-making and gadget-gathering and the pursuit of prestige. They see the world through different eyes. The eyes of Christ the Magnificent. They know life is short. Eternity is long. One thing will last: the Works of Love. All else is vanity and waste.

Some of us have begun to pray for “90 by 90” – 90 BBC members entering short-term or vocational ministry or missions between January 1, 1984, and January 1, 1990. Join us. As the vision grows we will be saying more.

Mobilizing the troops with you,

Pastor John