Christ Swallows Up Eroticism in Something Much Bigger

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One panelist at The Gospel Coalition discussions of homosexuality said he knew a dozen joyfully married Christian couples with children, in which one of each couple was formerly gay or lesbian. He said that this does not mean there are no more homosexual desires or fantasies.

The reason these marriages work is because love and marriage and life are now seen in a much larger scope. The relationship is seen as much more than an occasion for erotic expression.

It’s this bigness of life and love and relationships that Christ brings.

He attaches the soul to grand realities. Everything is seen in relation to God and his larger purposes. He reminds us that there will be no marrying or giving in marriage in the age to come. So sexual intercourse cannot be at the heart of human identity. It is temporary. Humans are not.

So one key to enjoying marriage while still having same-sex desires is to let Christ enlarge your vision of what a relationship can be, and what a life together can be in the service of Christ.


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