Do You Want to Make This Statement?

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Founder & Teacher,

Below is what we will hand out as we make our way through Minneapolis at 12:30 PM September 12. Your presence will make this statement. Do you struggle with ways to witness to the truth of Christ? Here is one that folds you into 1500 praising people and lets you go public for Jesus. I hope that you will plan to walk and sing with us. Come to church dressed to walk—with lots of color, and easy shoes.

When the people filled the streets with “Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord,” Jesus said, “If these were silent the very stones would cry out.” I have nothing against the stones crying out. But I think the point is: God loves it when his people praise his Son in public. I am eager to declare this truth with you:

“Jesus is King of the Nations.”

Pastor John

Jesus is King of the Nations


He is NOT an American.
He is NOT a Baptist, Lutheran or Catholic.
He is NOT white.
He is NOT Republican or Democrat.


He IS Truth.
He IS the Way to God for all nations.
He IS Eternal Life for all who trust him.
He IS the Substitute Sacrifice for all who believe.
He IS risen from the dead and can never die.
He IS stronger than Satan.
He IS more powerful than all world rulers.
He IS the Creator of the universe.
He IS greater treasure than a world of gold.
He IS everlasting Joy.
He IS coming again to build a righteous kingdom.


He is calling YOU, right now

to trust him
to follow him
to love him
to enjoy him
to hope in him
to clear all your decisions with him
to learn how to live from him
to show that He is King of your life.