Does DG Recommend Any Distance Education Programs?

Moving to another city for seminary and spending several years as a full-time student might not be feasible, or wise, for some. As a result, there are many good distance learning programs that have recently come into existence. We would recommend the following.

1. RTS has a Virtual Campus that offers a fully accredited MA/Distance in Biblical & Theological Studies. The entire degree can be pursued at home, with the exception of an on-campus orientation seminar and thesis presentation.

2. Covenant Seminary has a similar distance learning program. Through this program you may complete a Graduate Certificate or a Master of Arts in Theological Studies, or you may begin work on a Master of Divinity.

3. Semlink, Gordon-Conwell's distance learning program, does not allow you to accomplish an entire degree at a distance, but it does allow you to get a head start on your on-campus seminary education by completing a third of a Master of Divinity at a distance.

4. The Institute of Theological Studies produces excellent independent study theology courses. While you cannot obtain a degree from ITS, many seminaries will accept their courses for credit. Further, if you are simply seeking to take courses for personal enrichment and not also a formal degree, this is a good option. Lecturers for the courses include many prestigious scholars, such as Craig Blomberg, Darrell Bock, Roger Nicole, Allen Ross, John Stott, and Bruce Waltke.

5. Mount Zion Bible Institute offers non-credit correspondence courses. The texts include books by authors such as Spurgeon, Ryle, Bunyan, and others.