Five Reasons You Should Gather with the Church on Sunday, September 12

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Founder & Teacher,

1. Because we want you included in the church-wide survey of gifts. Peter said, “As each has received a gift, employ it for one another” (1 Peter 4:10). That means you have at least one special ability which God wants you to dedicate to him and use for the edification of others. Sunday’s worship will include an extensive survey of where you believe God may want you involved at BBC. The CE Board will collate all this information with a view to connecting as many people and opportunities as possible.

Beside the celebration of ministry-gifts in the worship hour, there will be about eight special booths where you can inquire about various ministries of our church.

2. Because our adult choir will be back. And September is choir recruitment month, both for adults and for kids in second through eighth grades. You can join them for rehearsals next Wednesday night. I’m praying that the Lord will fill the loft with mighty voices for his glory.

3. Because the regular adult Sunday School classes will begin. Tom Steller will be teaching the Toshavim; Paul Widen, the Mosaic; Paul Goddard, the Sundouloi; Glenn Ogren, the Becomers; Clayton Pyche, the King’s Friends; Harry Eriksson, the Fidelis, and Elsie Viren and Vern Carlson, the Philathea-Christian Fellowship. Come and jump into a good study and fellowship group even if this hasn’t been your habit before.

4. Because many cabin-dwellers and students will be back. Let’s come and give them a very warm greeting. I love it when our meeting hall starts to fill, because there seems to be more spiritual electricity when we all get close together. Be outgoing next Sunday and greet everyone you bump into.

5. The Back-to-the-Bible Quartet will sing the whole evening service at 6:00. This will be a great opportunity to invite guests. Come early for a good seat.

It almost takes my breath away. See you there.

Keeping Christ above all,

Pastor John