Halleluja Piper

A poem for Noël in October

Article by

Founder & Teacher, desiringGod.org

It was a fruitful season,
The summer just now parted,
And we have every reason
For joy in what we’ve started.

If those who sow in weeping
Will reap with jubilation,
Much more shall we go leaping
Who sowed in celebration!

We know the Scripture surely:
“Man plants; God gives the growing.”
And so we trust Him purely,
To whom all life is owing.

Yet I could wish to hasten
And make the seedling flourish,
To hug the earth it’s placed in
And give my love to nourish.

God knows the time for harvest
And long ago did plan it;
And though man strive his hardest,
God’s purposes are granite.

So I will have to wait ‘til
The summer fruit is riper,
When you give birth next April
To Halleluja Piper.

Your immoderately happy husband,