Highlights of the 108th Annual Meeting of the Baptist General Conference

Sturbridge, Massachusetts - June 25-29, 1986

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Founder & Teacher, desiringGod.org

1) A new conference organizational structure was approved provisionally. It will be voted on next year for decisive approval.

2) A new funding procedure was approved. a) The General Secretary's office, the Standard, and other support services will no longer be included in the budget. They will be funded by assessing each of the four ministry boards (see chart). b) All gifts to the BGC should now be designated to a board or marked “as needed.” c) All boards are free to raise as much as they can.

3) The world missions board voted to personalize missionary support. All new recruits and all missionaries with the BGC less than 10 years will be expected to raise personal commitments from friends and family and churches before going or returning to the field. This opens the way to unlimited growth in our mission forces.

4) Eighteen new missionaries were commissioned.

5) Twenty-six new churches were admitted, most of these being new church starts. Home missions is pushing for 150 new churches by 1990. They urge churches to designate funds for USA church planters just like they do for foreign missions.

6) The meeting began with a day of prayer with up to 500 people in attendance. Morning prayer meetings began each day, and a spirit of prayer permeated the conference consistent with the theme: “Rekindle us, Lord!”

7) There were 1100 delegates and 400 visitors plus children. Bethlehem had about 20 people in attendance.

8) Next year's annual meeting will be at Bethel College.

Thanks for praying,

Pastor John