Ice-Cold at the End of the Age—And White-Hot

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Founder & Teacher,

I am a historic, premillennial, post-tribulational, evangelical Christian who thinks it is possible that, when Jesus appears visibly and bodily on the clouds to establish his earthly kingdom, the Twin Cities could be 95% born-again, Bible-believing Christians, including the mayors, the city council, and the policemen.

“Lawlessness will be increased, [and] the love of many will grow cold” (Matthew 24:12). But, meanwhile, white-hot martyr-types will take the gospel to every nation (Matthew 24:9, 14).

These indomitable emissaries of Jesus come from white-hot churches. I see nothing in any prophecy that says Minneapolis (or San Francisco, or Jerusalem, or Mecca) could not be a place covered with such churches and such people, while, say, Atlanta or Seoul is covered with the end-time glacier of unbelief.