In Praise of Those Who Help Us Praise

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Founder & Teacher,

On March 22 we inaugurated an early worship service at Bethlehem. We wanted two identical services. The choir, with Tom Pals at the helm, never missed a beat. They have been there ministering to us at both services without fail. Most of these people are already busy, and so we should be very thankful for their commitment to help us praise twice and not just once on Sunday. On top of that, they rehearsed and presented a cantata last Sunday that took us through the life of Christ and made us feel that there is “No Greater Love” than what Jesus had for us. I feel a personal debt to Tom and the choir because my own love to Christ is heightened week after week by their ministry.

And three cheers for the kids’ choirs! I can’t believe how many soloists we are cultivating. I could never have sung like that at their age! Thanks to Leah Harding for coordinating these choirs (and for sitting through two services each Sunday!) and thanks to Ruth Goddard and Carolyn Bowman (and Cindy Calving and JoLayne Widen) for drawing out the best in our children. If you have kids not in the choirs, why not bring them down on Wednesday evening at 6:30? The more there are, the better they sing.

And now I look forward to the dramatic presentation of Attic, Inc., our Junior and Senior High students. This is led by David Shelley and will be Sunday evening, May 3.