Is God Calling You to Join the Team at Immanuel?

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Founder & Teacher,

I can’t get over these numbers when applied to the Twin Cities. When revival came to Alliance, Nebraska in the spring of 1990 over half of the 9,000 population attended special evangelistic meetings, and one tenth of the population (900) made professions of faith! If God moved with the same proportion in the Twin Cities metroplex, over 1,000,000 people would attend special meetings and 200,000 would make professions of faith!

Where would these 200,000 people worship on Sunday morning? Not to mention the inquiring attenders not yet committed. Would the Bible-teaching churches hold them all? Probably not. Multiple services, rented quarters, house churches and recycled sanctuaries would all be part of the solution.

Two weeks ago Brent Nelson preached at Bethlehem. Brent is a former apprentice here and now the pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church at 3620 E. 26th Street. Immanuel has a good facility and a strategic location in the Seward Neighborhood, but it was struggling to survive. Together with Bethlehem, the church worked out a strategy for revitalization involving Brent as the new pastor and some families from Bethlehem and Immanuel as part of the foundational core of the church. The church is now viable and growing with a stable center and some of the finest biblical preaching in Minneapolis (I really mean that!).

We think the “critical mass” of new, pioneering people from Bethlehem is not yet reached. Therefore we are praying that God would put it in the hearts of more Bethlehem families and single people to join this church revitalization effort.

For your information and inquiry we have invited Brent to come to an open forum Sunday, May 19 after the Evening Family Gathering at about 7:30 in the chapel. This will be a chance to ask questions and get to know Brent better.

Coming does not commit you to anything. Our assumption is that people who consider joining the team at Immanuel are not disgruntled about Bethlehem, but excited about “going outside the camp” and being a part of a new pioneering venture for Christ and his Kingdom. Pray: “Lord, are you calling me to be a part of growing a new church for your glory?

When the revival comes, may the Lord have a strong, teaching outpost for the harvest at Immanuel!

Supporting your venture,

Pastor John