John Piper Interviews John Knight on Disability

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This video is serious, on-the-ground sermon "application." I preached, May 22, 2011, on disability—a man born blind—from John 9:1-4. This interview is with the father of a boy (almost 16) born blind. 

John Knight is the director of development here at Desiring God. He blogs at, and, with his wife, loves Jesus, and trusts the sovereign wisdom and goodness of God.

But it has not always been so. 

My aim in this interview is to hear what it was like for John and Dianne to hear that their son "has a problem," what it was like to crash spiritually, and what it was like to see God rebuild their lives.

We hope many of you, who have endured great loss and sorrow, will be strengthened by John and Dianne's story.

Their faith has been a huge encouragement to me.