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Founder & Teacher,

At Desiring God, we get up in the morning and go to bed at night asking, “How can we magnify God’s greatness and increase everlasting joy in him for more people?” Our daily prayer is, “Lord, make us more effective in spreading this passion!”

This is what we love to do — spread a passion for God. We create and share God-centered resources, and make them available online for free anywhere on the planet. But making books, articles, sermons, and more free to all people is costly for some. That’s part of our plan. And your opportunity.

We now see more than one million visits to the site each week. That’s a 60% increase in traffic over the last year; 30% of those visits are from outside the United States; more than 50% are through mobile devices.

God has given us momentum. But there are seven billion people on the planet, and there’s a lot more work to do. Our job is not to assume it will last, but to steward the blessing with all our might. More than one thousand new resources will be created this year — articles, videos, books, sermons, episodes of Ask Pastor John, and now Look at the Book labs.

Your Opportunity

If you smile at the prospect of millions of unsuspecting people googling and clicking their way to everlasting joy, we think you would enjoy being a part of this ministry with us.

We invite you here at year's end to join us in spreading joy in God to millions of visitors like you who come to If you have never given before, I want to encourage you that every small monthly or year-end gift matters. It could be your gift or prayer that God uses to trigger the next testimony of life-change for everlasting joy.

With sincere affection and thanks,

John Piper
Founder and Teacher

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