Let’s Sow Life-Seeds

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Founder & Teacher, desiringGod.org

  • Question: What famous politician said, “I am personally pro-life but politically pro-choice?"
  • Answer: Pontius Pilate (Luke 23:20-25)
  • Question: How is a fetus like a freeway?
  • Answer: Safe. Till someone cuts in.

The Battle for unborn life must be fought at many levels. One level is sowing seeds of life in the public square. The Minnesota Daily told the story recently of a woman who changed her mind about having an abortion because of a pro-life billboard.

We have two ideas in mind.

1) Create large pro-life signs to carry on the 11th Avenue and Chicago Avenue bridges as thousands of motorists pass underneath. We will not attach them to the bridges in anyway, but carry them on the bridge sidewalks for travelers to see. The idea is that they could be read in two stages as the motorists travel under the bridges. For example: Bridge one: “HOW’S A FETUS LIKE A FREEWAY?’ Bridge two: “SAFE. TILL SOMEONE CUTS IN.” We believe that if the signs are ingenious enough they will stick in people’s minds and leave a lasting impression.

2) We also wonder if the question above about Pontius Pilate is so arresting and thought provoking that it merits a large space in the Minneapolis Star Tribune on Good Friday. What do you think? The more money we have to spend on it, the bigger the box could be. Do any of you want to underwrite a column inch (or more)? Talk to David Michael. We have not made a firm decision yet. We are waiting to see if God sends some of you to us.

Call for Slogans with Savvy

Try your hand at a two stage riddle-like pro-life slogan. Call it a “Life-seed.” If we wind up using it on the bridges or in the paper, we will send you a $10 dollar award. Think of traveling associations (How's abortion like 100 mph? Both are lethal choices), or seasonal issues, or political or literary or historical tie-ins. Turn on your creative juices. I think we could come up with life-riddles so ingenious that they would get the whole city talking about life.

Dreaming (and praying!) with you,

Pastor John