Make Holy Week Holy to the Lord

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Founder & Teacher,

The week between Palm Sunday and Easter is not intrinsically holy, except that all time is holy, since it belongs to God. But we can make it holy by setting it apart for sacred focus.

May I encourage you to do that, for the sake of seeing more of the greatness of Christ. He reveals himself through his word. Take up his word and focus your attention on him in his last hours. Set aside some time this week to fix your gaze steadily on him as he loves you to the uttermost (John 13:1).

The passages in the Gospels that record his final hours are:

  • Matthew 26:17-28:20
  • Mark 14:21-16:8
  • Luke 22:1-24:53
  • John 13:1-21:25

You may find that a volcano erupts in your soul. Like it did for me 28 years ago.