Ministry Ferment on the Homefront

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Founder & Teacher,

Here is one way to see the full-time staff in relation to what God is doing at BBC. This doesn't exhaust our duties. But it does help show how God is causing certain things to flourish.

Worship is the fountain of the river of life at Bethlehem and the eternal ocean to which everything flows. If we drink deeply at the spring and see the ocean in the distance, we will be the irrigation of much barren earth.

Missions: Tom Steller's new nurture venture to shepherd potential missionaries and ministers from the time of awakening to the day of sending is a powerful new surge in the missions vision of Bethlehem.

Domestic Ministries: But there is also ministry ferment on the home front. Char is bursting with ideas for the children and Steve is leading the way in developing a church-wide ministries mindset. Two key developments:

Bethlehem Directory of Ministries

Steve is putting together a directory of all the ministries that our people are engaged in or seriously dreaming about. It will contain a contact person and phone number for each ministry.

Three aims: 1) to encourage our faith with the evidence that God is working through us to meet all kinds of needs for his name's sake. 2) To help link us all together with ministries where we may enjoy serving, or where we may get help. 3) To stimulate more creative ventures of faith in the form of new ministries as God burdens your heart for some specific need or challenge.

Help: Please fill out the questionnaire distributed in the Sunday School classes and turn them in to your teacher or put them in the box outside the church office by March 17.

Bethlehem Ministries Fair

On March 24 after the evening service the Fellowship Hall will be ringed with booths and tables sponsored by groups and individuals who are involved in different ministries. Everyone will be able to walk around and talk to the people involved and find out what is really happening. There will be refreshments and a great spirit that God really does aim to use us for his glory in Minneapolis.

Help: Call Steve about a booth or table for your ministry. Meet for a short briefing after the evening service March 17. Everybody plan to come.

P.S. No ministry is too small. Someone needs your encouragement that their life can count.

Pastor John