Ministry Update: John Piper and Scott Anderson in Switzerland

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Founder & Teacher,

Update 6/30
We have received $329,258 of the $300,000 that we needed in order for us to close-out our fiscal year in the black and balance the budget. Thank you for your generous support! The Lord is good, and all of his paths are "steadfast love and faithfulness" (Psalm 25:10).

Dear Friends,

At Desiring God, we have a vision for ministry that is global. With the Lord's help, we aim to see people everywhere understand and embrace the truth that God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.

This is our message and the world is our parish — as John Wesley once said! The internet is our megaphone. Translations and technology are the delivery systems. And the ultimate goal of it all is the glory of God through the Christ-treasuring joy of all peoples.

Incredibly, this mission is accomplished through your prayers and support. You reach-through the ministry of Desiring God and help accomplish our mission. We are simply your servants for Jesus' sake. Thank you for trusting us with this work.

This end-of-year video update from our Executive Director, Scott Anderson, gives a surprising glimpse into how God is working in the world through this web ministry.

God has been kind to us this last year. We have received over 16,000,000 visits to our website in the last 12 months. That represents a 28% increase in visits over last year, and a 40% increase in visits from outside the United States. We were also able to launch Arabic, Persian, Romanian, Portuguese and Russian websites. And we give thanks for the prayers and financial support that helped make this happen.

As we approach the end of our fiscal year on June 30th, we are trusting the Lord to raise $300,000 for our needs here at the ministry, which represents 5.9% of our $5,089,810 annual budget. It would make us really glad if you considered supporting us this month with a donation to help us close the gap. Even small gifts make a big difference. And thank you again for your support.

Your partner in the greatest cause,

John Piper
and Josh Etter, Director of Communications