More Divinity in These Ten Days Than 50 Years Before

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Founder & Teacher,

Andrew Rivet was a devout theologian at the University of Leyden who died in 1651 at the age of 78. The approach of his death became a seminary for his soul. I pray it will be this way for you and me. Here is what he wrote just before his death.

The sense of divine favor increases in me every moment. My pains are tolerable, and my joys inestimable. I am no more vexed with earthly cares.

I remember when any new book came out, how earnestly I have longed after it—but now all that is but dust. You are my all, O Lord; my good is to approach to you. O what a library I have in God, in whom are all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge!

You are the teacher of spirits—I have learned more divinity in these ten days that you have come to visit me, than I did in fifty years before.

(Archibald Alexander, Thoughts on Religious Experience [London: The Banner of Truth Trust, 1967], 207)