Now Is An Age

On Reading John Donne’s ‘Death, Be Not Proud’

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Founder & Teacher,

One night, as I sat reading 
    Before the fire, and casting
        Calm shadows on the door behind my chair,
    I saw the everlasting,
And all the world receding
         Here, and lodged this prayer:

“O God, all joy exceeding,
    O Christ, forever living,
        I praise you for this moment, this pure sight,
    And ask, all sin forgiving,
By your all-precious bleeding
        Flesh, feed this delight.

And, if my hunger heeding,
     And my desire allowing,
         You fill my soul, and feasting, I ascend,
I ask, all in me bowing,
     That, by my lowly pleading
          This might never end.”

And thus, my hunger feeding,
     And by these flames refining,
         You rose and stood forth from this treasured page.
     Now all the room is shining,
And time has ceased it's speeding
          Pace. Now is an age.

Imaginations breeding,
    Behind me death proceeding,
          I whispered, “Peace. Do not be proud, dear one,
    There will be no impeding,
I know where you are leading
          Now. Let it be done.”


                                          John Piper
                                          June 23, 2013

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