Poem for Felicity

After my first day of work at DG, Abraham and Molly had me over for dinner. I remember asking then--since Molly was already showing--what their daughter's name would be. Their reply was a gentle rejection. They had resolved to tell no one until she was born.

We have learned your name, Felicity Margaret Piper, too soon. But your life shall not have been in vain. Our hearts now mourn and hope.


Felicity, that happy name
was hidden with your forming frame
next to the heart of mom and dad
until the day you came.

You did not come as we presumed—
a place upstairs at home was groomed.
Yet other plans our Sovereign had
and took you from the womb.

Life is never ill-conceived.
He willed through you to make us grieved;
and though our hearts now linger sad,
we know whom we’ve believed.

The God who numbers all our days
no less deserves our endless praise.
He means the loss that now bodes bad
to highlight heaven’s rays.

He’s teaching us to trust his grace
while yet we cannot see his face
like you, in righteousness now clad,
and Fatherly embrace.

Felicity, your name will hence
accomplish mom and dad’s intents
and make the saints of Jesus glad
for every providence.