Possible Steps for '86

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Founder & Teacher, desiringGod.org

Last Sunday night the church voted to postpone the engagement of the BGC income expansion team. Not that we don't need to expand our income for space and ministries! But several factors seemed to say wait.

First, the owners of the Litho property upped their asking price from $690,000 to $800,000. This caused us to seriously ask whether they have priced themselves out of consideration.

Second, the owner of the five-plex immediately to the west of the church on 8th Street just recently expressed a desire to sell to us. His initial asking price is about $150,000. At this point we don't know the condition of the building. But perhaps in the short run that building could provide space for junior and senior high ministries, as well as dwellings for interns and/or missionaries.

Third, it came to our attention that the Crankshaft property (on our side of 7th St., five buildings west) may be available to purchase. We thought we should look through it for possibilities before making any decision about funding other major purchases.

Fourth, the idea of hiring a part-time parking coordinator who would take responsibility of all parking needs, provide maps and signs and ropes and paint for lines, and possibly organize a shuttle system to MMC with two rented buses and drivers from 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., etc., etc., etc. -- that idea opens the possibility of perhaps moving ahead with a larger sanctuary before we have more on-site parking.

Fifth, we sense a need to devote substantial energy to the internal ministry structure of the church this year (especially at the level of the “eldership”), so that when the continued growth comes, we will be able to provide biblical pastoral care and accountability.

Sixth, we believe there are ministry expansion opportunities this year in several crucial areas. It may be good to have these in place before a major fund drive to demonstrate our commitment to needs and not just numbers.

Seventh, we sensed that it would not be successful to ask the church to engage in a major income expansion drive without more specific details of intention.

Eighth, since the budget was increased this year only one third of last year's increase, it may be that we could add the staff and purchase some of the property we need this year by simply encouraging the people to give special over-and-above gifts to the building fund.

A Call For Prayer: Let's devote all our time on Wednesday, February 26, at 7:15 pm to praying about these matters. I believe God is guiding with a good hand.

Waiting on the Lord with you,

Pastor John