Pow-Wow with the Pastor

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Founder & Teacher, desiringGod.org

After the Sunday evening service on April 12, there will be an all-church pow-wow with the pastor in the Fireside Room. Hopefully with popcorn. Two of the things that emerged from our leadership retreat were the need for more communication and information flowing out to the body. Evidently our present structures are not satisfying these needs. Therefore, I would like to begin a series of “Pow-Wows with the Pastor,” once each month.

According to Webster, a “pow-wow” is a “meeting for discussion.” My vision for this meeting is that it be a time for God’s Spirit to speak through you to me and to each other about the sorts of outreach, worship, education, and nurture we should be engaged in. I want there to be a big banner over my head: “New ideas for ministry welcome here!” And then, under that, another banner which says, “Ask me anything — anything!” There is no agenda except, “What you always wanted to ask the pastor, but had no opportunity” and, “Wouldn’t it be great if our church would . . . ”

Come next Sunday night and finish that sentence.