Praying for the Pipers

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Founder & Teacher,

Noël and I are deeply grateful to you all for your support in this mission. It is a wonderful thing to be trusted with this time away and the financial backing you have given. I will pray for you everyday. I count on you to support the work in our absence.


May 12 7:00 am John and Noël depart Minneapolis for Manila (Andy and Jodie Larson staying with the boys)
May 13 9:00 pm Arrive Manila (that’s 25 hours en route)
May 14-16   Visit the Varbergs
May 17   Preach Sunday morning in Manila
May 18-20   Teach 2-5 pm daily a class on Desiring God
May 22-24   Visit the Esplands. Preach May 24
May 25-27   Teach 2-5 pm daily a class on Desiring God
May 28-30   Visit Bacolod
May 31 9:05 am Noël departs Manila for Minneapolis via Tokyo and Chicago. (Arrives Minneapolis May 31, 8:05 pm)
May 31 1:20 pm John departs Manila for Singapore




June 1-10   John participates in Young Leaders’ Conference
June 11 8:20 am John leaves Singapore for L.A. via Tokyo
June 12   John makes TV and radio recordings concerning Desiring God
June 14   John preaches at Irvine Presbyterian Church
June 15-17   John attends small gathering called “Fellowship of the Arc”
June 18 1:19 pm John arrives in Minneapolis. Hurray!!!!!!

Prayer Requests

That God would be glorified in all we do!

  1. That we be filled with the Holy Spirit and power.
  2. That we be humble learners.
  3. That we know what and how to speak, when given the opportunity.
  4. That we inspire missionaries and national believers with the greatness of God and his salvation.
  5. That we be inspired with the global purposes of God and come back fired with the vision for Minneapolis and the unreached peoples.
  6. That the course in Manila be clear and life-changing for the “shepherds.”
  7. That my seminar in Singapore be true and clear and persuasive and helpful.
  8. That lifelong, strategic friendships be made in Singapore with young leaders from all over the world.
  9. That the Singapore conference will be used by God for great new thrusts in world evangelization.
  10. That the ministry in the L.A. area build the faith of the saints.
  11. That all the way along there would be fruitful occasions to witness to unbelievers.
  12. Health!!! And strength!!!
  13. Joy in all the work.
  14. Obedient spirits and healthy bodies for Karsten, Benjamin, Abraham, and Barnabas.
  15. A deepening union for Noël and me as we travel together.

Counting on you and the Spirit of Jesus,

Pastor John