Preaching a Plan for Ministry

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Founder & Teacher,

This Sunday (January 22) will conclude a three-part preaching series. The messages are intended to give biblical foundations for three priorities that shape the goals of our church. I thought it might be helpful if you saw this part of our philosophy laid out in a summary paragraph and a sketch. We as a staff are committed to helping you grow in these three areas.

Biblical Priorities for Bethlehem Baptist Church

The priorities of the church can be described with respect to the personal relationships each Christian should develop. Every maturing believer should be centered first on God. Every maturing believer should be committed next to a group of fellow-believers in a relationship of love and edification and accountability. From this base every maturing believer and local church should be involved in making disciples of unbelievers. There is an order of priority in that each relationship is empowered by the prior one(s). But all three should be developed simultaneously in the life of the church.

“(1) Abide in me…(2) love each other…(3) go and bear fruit” (John 15:4, 12, 16).

Growing with you,

Pastor John