"Quest for Joy: Six Biblical Truths"

A New Series of Five Sermons on Evangelism and One on Abortion

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Founder & Teacher, desiringGod.org

I’m so excited about a new gospel brochure that I want to preach five messages on it and encourage you to use it in sharing the gospel. With the help of Byron Crews and Rick Busch and Carol Steinbach, and with feedback of dozens of ASK classes, we have written and designed a simple, attractive pamphlet that tries to capture the essence of the gospel in six truths.

The brochure is called “Quest for Joy: Six Biblical Truths.” It unfolds the gospel along the lines of Desiring God and could be used as a first step in acquainting people with the God we love and worship at Bethlehem. On Sunday we will give all who come a copy.

From January 8 to February 12 the messages will be keyed to this pamphlet and its possible use in evangelism. It will be a good series to bring unsaved friends and relatives to. Be up front with them and say:

Our pastor is starting the year with a series of five messages on some real basic Christian beliefs that I would love for you to hear. And in the middle of the series he is going to give a message about the abortion issue. It would be a great way to catch the flavor of our church and see what we think the greatest news in the world is. Would you like to visit with me for a few weeks?

January 8 – Truth #1: The Joyful Purpose of God (Isaiah 43:1-7)

January 15 – Truth #2: The Joyful Duty of Man (1 Corinthians 10:23-11:1)

January 22 – An Urgent Message on the Anniversary of the Infamous Supreme Court Decision of Roe vs. Wade – Rescuing Unborn Children: Required and Right! (Proverbs 24:10-12)

January 29 – Truths #3 and #4: Joy Exchanged, Joy Forfeited (Romans 3:9-23; 6:20-23)

February 5 – Truth #5: Joy Purchased! (1 Timothy 1:12-17)

February 12 – Truth #6: Joy Recovered! (Acts 3:17-21; 16:25-31)

Pray with me please that this series will be empowered by the Holy Spirit. Pray that many unsaved guests would come. Pray that it would inspire all of us to be more bold and loving and persistent in sharing the great news of joy in God through Christ. And pray that the brochure “Quest for Joy: Six Biblical Truths,” would be used here and in many other churches to capture the hearts of people for the King of kings. (Dana Olson already ordered a hundred!)

In his service and yours,

Pastor John