Questions about Adding Pastoral Staff

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Founder & Teacher,

What are we thinking about adding?

On Sunday, May 3, the Deacons are presenting to the church a candidate for the position of “Associate for Pastoral Care.” Members have received a letter of explanation and resume. On Sunday, May 10 at 7:15 p.m. a special congregational meeting will be held to discuss and act on the recommendation from the Deacons concerning the call. If a call is extended, the date for beginning would be sometime in August.

Can we afford it?

We cannot afford not to have it. The ministry of equipping leaders and mobilizing our people for mutual care and accountability is so crucial, and so biblically warranted, that we run the risk of disobedience not to provide it. We believe the spiritual fruit in the hearts of a loved and loving people will be transformed into financial fruit sufficient to pay the vinedresser.

Should we add staff on the brink of a building program?

Yes. It affirms persons over buildings. It says that ministry must not suffer in the midst of building efforts. Skimping on staff when the pressures are greatest is a proven way to cause burnout.

Is this position bumping the position of youth minister?

No. That position is already in the budget beginning in August. We will be presenting a candidate to the church in a month or so.

If all these recommendations are approved, what will the pastoral staff look like?

  • Pastor for urban and social ministries: David Michael
  • Pastor for music and worship: Dean Palermo
  • Pastor for preaching and staff leadership: John Piper
  • Minister for children: Char Ransom
  • Pastor for adult ministries and education: Steve Roy
  • Pastor for students and missions: Tom Steller
  • Pastor for pastoral care: new
  • Minister for youth: new

Is this an unusually high percentage of staff to people?

No. Well over 400 of our BGC churches have one pastor for less than 125 people. (Our membership is 1042.)

What about our commitment to sending missionaries?

Unwavering! In the last six years we have moved from two to six pastoral staff and our percentage of missions giving has steadily increased. More importantly, the number of our own people planning to go out as missionaries has dramatically increased. It is not staff in place of missions; it is staff for the sake of missions!!

Are the present staff and Deacon Council unified behind this move?

Not only unified but very excited! I personally can already feel a burden lifting.

Pastor John