Questions About the All Church Picnic

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Founder & Teacher,

Does the pastor wear shorts?
He never has. But he and Noël do run a mean three-legged race.

Who is invited?
You are! And as many people as you can bring.

When and where?
After the third worship service, Sunday, June 22, at Ham Lake Camp, about 45 minutes from the church. We plan to get back between five and six.

How should I get there?
Ride the buses from the church, or drive your car in the caravan.

Will there be an evening service, too?
No. There will be a vespers service at the camp.

What will people do?
Volleyball, basketball, walk, swim (there's a lake and a place to change), frisbee, balloon throw, kids' games and races, adult races, eat, talk with new friends, and best of all, worship under God's canopy.

What should I bring?
If your last name begins with A-I bring a salad, J-R a hot dish, and S-Z dessert.

What should I wear?
Grubby clothes. We don't even mind if you wear them to church as long as they're not too distracting.

Why do we have a picnic?
Because there are kinds of interaction that happen in that setting that can meet some needs that no other setting may meet. There is an experience of God in the open air, and in the atmosphere of leisure, that is true and good for the soul.

Should I bring visitors?
This may be one of the best times to bring a non-Christian who won't ordinarily come to church.

Pastor John