Read, Reflect, Write (Repeat)

You are a writer.

Even if it’s just email. Even if it’s hardly anything of significance. Even if you’d never self-identify as a “writer,” or ever consider trying to make a living at something you’re so bad at.

But if you’re literate, chances are you’re not just reading words, but writing them as well. Now, you likely aren’t a very good writer if you don’t think of yourself as one or ever give the craft any reflection, but you are a writer nonetheless. Just a bad one.

So it would do just about all of us a little bit of good — if not a lot of good — to do some minimal reflection on our sentence creation.

Moore on Writing

Russell Moore is the author of several good books and chapters. He writes regularly at Moore to the Point and is one of our favorite guest writers at Desiring God. The man can write. So we thought we’d ask him if he had any advice for writers.

In this video, Moore talks not only about getting over “writer’s block,” but about the reading and reflection he finds essential to writing well. It’s counsel that will prove helpful whether you think of yourself as a writer or not.