Remembering Elder D. J. Ward

Elder D. J. Ward, pastor of Lexington's Main Street Baptist Church for the past 19 years, died of complications from lung cancer Friday at Hospice Care Center at St. Joseph Hospital. What the Lexington Herald-Leader did not say about this amazing African-American is that he was a powerful spokesman for the glorious God worshiped through the wall-to-wall window called Calvinism.

I thank God for the one conference we had together. He invited me to the Lexington Pastors’ Conference at his church. I had no idea there was such a self-consciously reformed gathering of mainly African-American pastors almost totally distinct, as far as I could tell, from the resurgence of younger black Reformed brothers present on the internet today. But there it was thriving from around the country under the uncompromising sway of this giant.

Lord, thank you for over 40 years of Bible-saturated ministry with the majesty of Grace at the center. May the sowing of this seed in the ground bring forth a thousand sprouting lovers of the Truth.

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