Revolt Against the Sovereignty of God

Exploiting Heartache to Push Heresy

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Sometimes I feel like Elijah before a tidal wave of American unbelief. From back-yards to best-sellers people are asking “why bad things happen to good people,” and answering with a “limited God.” The revolt against God’s sovereignty is rampant. The soft-hearted rebels exploit heartache to push their heresy: the death of a daughter, a Down’s syndrome son, a freak accident, a husband’s cancer—is God a sadist? And so the rebels find broken hearts and pour their heresy in the cracks. But it is not healing. Only truth can heal. It need not be spoken callously. It need not be spoken at all in moments of anguish. But it must be believed and cherished. “He does according to his will in the host of heaven and among the inhabitants of the earth and none can stay his hand or say to him, ‘What doest thou?’” (Daniel 4:35).

But for me the sovereignty of God is not just a doctrine to be defended. It is my life. It is my comfort and joy and song. So I want to share part of my early morning meditation from last week. Psalm 105:16 says, “He summoned a famine on the land, and broke every staff of bread.” When I read this I simply bowed in awe of the God who orders from his throne all wind and heat and rain. And I wrote a song for him. Here it is. I hope you will sing it with me sometime.

Famine, Flood, and Failing Fortune—Meditation on Psalm 105:16
(To the Tune of “Jesus, Priceless Treasure”)

When the staff is broken,
And in judgment spoken
Righteousness is heard,
Think not God is silent,
Though the famine violent,
This is but his word.
He stands not to give account.
It is we who must before him.
Come, let us adore him!

When the flood is breaking
And your fear is waking,
Comfort not your soul,
Thinking the Almighty
Yielded up the right he
Once had to control.
Every river and the seas
Do his sovereign bidding purely.
This is comfort surely!

When your fortunes fail you,
Deep diseases ail you
And your death is near,
Know that Christ, your Maker,
He alone is Taker
Of your life and fear.
Fall before his power and pray:
“Jesus, I now trust you merely
You have bought me dearly.”


Singing with the 7,000,

Pastor John