Rob Not Your Heart of the Deep Sea Joys

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In the history of the Christian Church there have been few people more eloquent than Charles Spurgeon. That makes his words about silence all the more striking.

Priceless as the gift of utterance may be, the practice of silence in some aspects far excels it. Do not think me a Quaker. Well, be it so. Herein I follow George Fox most lovingly; for I am persuaded that most of us think too much of speech, which after all is but the shell of thought. Quiet contemplation, still worship, unuttered rapture, these are mine when my best jewels are before me. Brethren, rob not your heart of the deep sea joys; miss not the far-down life, by for ever babbling among the broken shells and foaming surges of the shore. (Lectures to My Students, 51).

If you want your words to awaken “deep sea joys” in the hearts of your hearers, take the time for “quiet contemplation” over your “best jewels.” And beware of “forever babbling” in the shallows.