Sex Without Heads

Lessons for the Praying Mantis

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If Solomon had read National Geographic he might have written this proverb:

Like a man in search of a harlot
The Chinese mantis is the meal of his mate.

On page 274-5 of the February, 1984, National Geographic, there is a stunning series of photographs of two praying mantises mating. The caption reads,

Cannibalism is common, and a male, usually smaller than a female, often ends up as a meal as well as a mate…A Chinese mantis approaches stealthily, then makes a sudden flying leap onto her back. As mating proceeds, the female clutches the male around the neck and begins to feed on his head. Though now decapitated, the male has a nervous system that enables him to continue mating, sometimes for hours.

Solomon would have gotten a lot of mileage out of that! Instead of writing,

All at once he follows a harlot,
as an ox goes to the slaughter…
He does not know that it will cost him his life (Proverbs 7:22).

he would have written,

All at once he follows a harlot,
as a mantis leaps upon his mate.
He does not know that she will take his head.

Or he might have said,

Be content with the meals of your wife
Lest you venture forth and become one.

Sex without heads is a 20th-century epidemic (just like it always has been). Very few people govern the passions of their heat by the principles of their head. But it can be done. Otherwise Paul would not have said, “The body is for the Lord…Glorify God in your body” (1 Corinthians 6:13, 20).

“If your eye offend you pluck it out.” Yes, because it is better to lose an eye than to have your whole head bitten off. Better yet, turn your eyes to something pure and lovely and gracious and excellent and praiseworthy.

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Keeping my head,

Pastor John