Sneer Psalms and Covetous Capitalists

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Two seminars for adults at Bethlehem while the children learn in “The Wonder Fair” and tots have a nursery.

I can’t think of two issues I would like more help with than the things David Howard and Lester Arasmith will tackle next week. How do you handle psalms that sneer and curse (e.g. 109)? How do you handle the fact that the prosperity of American society seems to depend on cultivating coveteousness? If everyone simplified would our economy take a nose dive?

This is going to be a great week of stimulation and growth for us. Come with the kids! Come if you don’t have kids. Come with your mind awake and your questions honed.

David Howard’s topic is: “Smiles and Songs, Sneers and Sorrows in the Psalms.” Lester Arasmith will target Christian thinking about American economic and political mores.

What a rich way to spend five summer evenings. This is the sort of thing people pay gobs of tuition for. Let’s learn together for the glory of God and the good of our land, and the goal of world mission.

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Pastor John

P.S. There are planned activities for youth two years through high school.