Something Greater Than Us

A Groom’s Heart on His Wedding Day

Today, I step into something greater than me.

Into the great secret whispered in the garden and revealed in the coming of Christ. Promises of “I do” thrust open the curtains. A ring marks me as an actor in the play. The world and the heavenly host watch the two-person production. Marriage is heaven’s drama performed on an earthly stage.

In the beginning, God officiated the first marriage. As birds sang from their branches, as wind danced in the trees, as brooks babbled and crickets chirped, as wolves howled and lions roared, the man quieted creation with a song to his beloved (Genesis 2:23). God joined them together. And with that first marriage, God cued a mini-drama of eternity’s Greatest Romance. A Groom was coming.

Centuries passed, and a baby was born in Bethlehem. He revealed what marriage always foretold: covenant love for his bride. Shakespeare’s amateur scribblings blush before what angels watched enraptured. A Messiah’s love gave meaning to marriage.

Today, I step into something greater than me.

In this celestial play, she is cast as the church, and I, as the groom. I tremble.

The beggar plays the role of his King. The creature plays Creator. The sinner mimics perfection. The servant performs on behalf of his God — all before his smiling eyes. My lines, my actions, my part must be this: Christ’s ferocious love for his people.

Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her. (Ephesians 5:25)

I am called to channel my Master’s love. I must love like him who exchanged heaven’s riches for earthly poverty; angels’ praises for human scorn; the throne of heaven for a stable’s manger; divine glory for rusty nails; his Father’s smile for omnipotent wrath. Each open wound sang a sonnet to his bride.

I must act out the romance of one who married a peasant to make her a queen, suffered hell to make her pure, opened his veins to welcome her into paradise. Tell me to multiply loaves of bread or walk on the raging seas before this — those seem more attainable.

Today, I step into something greater than me.

I am not her Savior. I have crossed oceans for her; he crossed galaxies. I will sign a covenant with her in ink; he signed his in blood. I would die for her; he has died for her. I desire to love her perfectly; he has done so and always will.

God, Help Me

Our love, though fragrant with unique joy, is but one flower upon the hillside. This day, in all its delight, faintly echoes the approaching day, when we will wake from this world as from a bad dream. A day when sin’s spell will be broken, the curse on creation shattered, and we will behold our Bridegroom face-to-face.

Until that day, this marriage will groan with all of creation, longing for the shadows to flee for the substance, the brokenness for the true Happily Ever After. Until then, this covenant will pierce through the darkness, foretelling the coming of never-ending day. Until then, this love will look to the horizon, waiting for him.

Until he comes, my undying devotion to her, my unending delight in her, my intoxicating love for her paints the benevolence of Christ’s affection for his beloved. God, help me.

My singularity towards her, in body and heart, portrays God’s unyielding fidelity to his people. God, help me.

My spiritual leadership of her in tireless initiative and joyful self-sacrifice represents the tender power of Christ’s nourishing headship. God, help me.

To the Bride

My love, today, we step into something greater than us.

“He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord” (Proverbs 18:22). Christ has blessed me with an excellent one, one more precious than the rarest of treasures (Proverbs 31:10–12).

You are a lily among brambles. You are the crown of my head. You are an eagle, soaring above all other women in my esteem and affection. You are my best friend. You are the apple of my eye. Christ’s chosen and mine.

My love, today, we step into something greater than us.

Today, we step onto the stage together. My soul rejoices in you, fairest daughter of the King. For years, I’ve prayed for you. For months, I’ve grown in wonder at you. Today, I get to marry you.

Today, we step into something greater than us. Tomorrow, we step into eternity.