Speaking of Apps: The Voice of God in Our Hands

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Founder & Teacher, desiringGod.org

As I did last year, here's another call for your Bible app to threaten the use of every other app out there.

Olive Tree BibleReader is my default mobile Bible. I use it for devotions every day, usually from my iPad. 

The McCheyne Yearly Reading Plan has buttons after each chapter that take you directly to the next assigned chapter. The split window lets me keep a Greek and Hebrew window open as I read, and the pop-up lexicons fill in the gaps in my memory. The copy-and-paste features let me copy and paste easily to Twitter if I want to create a tweet out of something moving from my devotions. 

Periodically I will call Calvin or some other commentary up into one of those split windows to see what they said about a text. It's nice — and easy enough for an old guy like me.

Never before has the Bible been so easily accessible. Go there over and over again through the day. It is the voice of God.