Star Survey

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Founder & Teacher,

At the bottom of this page is a postcard for you to cut out and return to the church. You can mail it with a stamp, or bring it to the church office. I hope hundreds of you will respond to this survey. We want to know what is most helpful in the Star (church bulletin) and what could be most helpful. Your response is important.

On the back of the card you can prioritize the items which are presently proposed in the Star. The most important should be number 1 and the next most important should be number 2 and so on. Then there is a place for suggestions that we may never even think of. Please take five minutes to help us improve this pastoral tool.

Please number the following items in the order of their usefulness to you.

__ pastor’s article __ missions corner
__ financial report __ personal housing needs
__ Sunday message titles __ reports of boards and church business
__ announcements of all-church activities __ special prayer requests
__ announcements of Sunday School class activities __ list of sick and hospitalized
__ announcements of non-BBC religious activities __ new member names and addresses

Other suggestions:

Call to Cameroon

The Deacons voted last week to allow me to accept an invitation from the Cameroon branch of Wycliffe to be the speaker at their biennial branch conference next April in Yaounde, Cameroon.

I want to publicly thank God for the kindness and generosity of our Council of Deacons under the able leadership of Clayton Pyche. Time and again over the last four years I have rejoiced in the good spirit and harmony and devotion of our Deacons. They have been a delight to work with!

It may seem far away now, but please put my trip to Cameroon on your prayer list. I feel very unworthy and unfit to say anything to frontline missionaries. I will need a special anointing for this ministry. They will be looking to me for words of power to send them back to their villages with hope and courage and perseverance. Pray even now that the Lord would fill my mouth. My own prayer is that I will be a much better pastor for having ministered in West Africa.

Standin’ in th’ need o’ prayer,

Pastor John