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Founder & Teacher,

Look how high the tree is reaching,
     Reaching Godward, tell me why.  
Look how high the clouds are flying,
     Flying, rising through the sky.

Look, the sun is rising, rising,
     Look, it rises till the noon.
Look, the stars are twinkling, twinkling,
     Far above the midnight moon.

Are those stars the highest brightness?
     Is there any other flyer,
Soaring out beyond the darkness?
     If there is, still God is higher.

* * *

Look, the Redwoods, growing, growing,
     Years, and decades, centuries,
Living, lasting since their Maker,
     Jesus, bore his agonies.

Look, the mountains, lasting, standing,
     Undestroyed by ceaseless blasts.
Look, the peaks are never-ending!
     Look, how long a mountain lasts!

There, beyond the mountains blazing
     Burning, flaming, ageless, stronger,
Permanent, as if forever,
     Endless sun. But God burns longer.

* * *

Look! A wise man, thinking, thinking,
     With his elbow on his knee.
Look how deep his eyes are peering.
     Oh, I wonder what they see!

Look! A thousand scholars writing,
     Writing all that they have learned.
Have they answered all the questions?
     Have they left a stone unturned?

Millions with computers thinking,
     Spewing knowledge like a geyser,
Surely now we’ve mastered data.
     That may be. But God is wiser.

* * *

Look, his strength is growing, growing,
     Lifting more than he could dream,
All to save his dying treasure,
     Pinned beneath a massive beam.

Look at that tornado spinning.
     Look! Two hundred miles an hour,
Slinging houses like a feather.
     Have you ever seen such power?

I have heard that supernovas
     Burn with power, hotter, longer,
Greater than a billion starbursts.
     That may be. But God is stronger.

* * *

Taste how sweet the honey dripping,
     Dripping from the honeycomb.
Do the bees know what they’re making,
     When they bring the nectar home?

Look, the soldier home from warring,
     Wounded sees his wife and son.
There is sweetness in these kisses,
     Better than the war he won.

Look, the gates of heaven coming!
     Look, a smiling face, St. Peter!
Could it be more sweet than finding
     You are in? Yes. God is sweeter.

* * *

Look. A mother loving, loving,
     Look, she holds her dying child.
Gladly would she die to save it.
     Oh, the yearning, deep and wild.

Look, a bridegroom longing, longing:
     Come, sweet moment of embrace.
Is there any better loving,
     Deeper union, face to face?

Perfect knowing, perfect rapture.
     Is there any love that’s near it?
Yes! Before the world existed:
     Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.