Teaching As Tender Rain

A Meditation on Deuteronomy 32:2–3

Article by

Founder & Teacher, desiringGod.org

    Like gentle rain it falls,
Day after day, unbroken, soft,
    Unlike the thrashing whip
Of myriad liquid buckshot, swung
    At angles like an ax
Against the tender daffodils.
    No thunder, lightning, nor
A change, or slightest swing of wind.
    Straight down it falls, each drop
A perfect plumb from heaven's hand,
    As if infinite care
We're being taken there, for how
    It falls and where it lands,
Until the middle of the night.

     Then silence, moist, and deep,
And steeping tiny roots in brown
      Life-giving broth, and by 
Some holy spell transforming soil
      Into a blade of grass,
Into a blade of greenest green.
     And in the cloudless day—
Who knows if from the finished rain,
     Or is it dew?—bright drops
Distilling all the broad blue sky
     Ten thousand times into
As many globes, and every one
     Encompassing the Name,
And shining out the glory, and
     The greatness of our God.